Los Angeles' "Carmageddon"

So it looks like, so far, our “Carmageddon” might be a non-event. We drove around a bit this morning, and traffic was fantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaastic. Even usually crowded places like Pink’s and Target were really slow. :) So far on Google Maps, all of the freeways around here are in the green, so it looks like most folks did the smart thing and stayed home. :)

I’m hoping everyone stays home tomorrow so I can make it from Torrance to Burbank for my softball game!

I am both amused by the national media’s freak out over this, and terrified at the prospect of a similar closure in my local metropolis.

The same thing happened when they moved I-5 to one lane for a week in downtown Seattle. Officials and the media think people are completely unable to respond to changed incentives for some reason.

I basically just crosed the entire city – Koreatown to Santa Monica – in 13 minutes. That never happens in daylight.

I hope everyone stays home tomorrow too. Coming home from palm springs.

I live right near the Sherman Oaks Galleria, and the news helicopter noise is ridiculous. There are CNN, MSNBC, and local news vans all parked on my street. Just stop. That said, the weather is gorgeous out here in the valley today, and traffic on Ventura has been the slowest I’ve ever seen. It’s awesome.

There are cops parked everywhere, though. Don’t know what that’s about.

You know, when they first talked about this, I thought it was going to be a long, prolonged, month or 2-month thing. And THAT seemed like Carmageddon, with the way rush hour traffic is here.

But once I realized it was just going to be closed for a weekend … meh. Weekend traffic in LA can be awful as well, but it’s avoidable by a lot more people. I think it’s a big fuss over nothing.

I’m in L.A. this week and everyone around here is treating this like the Martians are invading. Let these worry warts stay home and enjoy the light traffic!

Feh. Survive the Big Dig for 10 years and then we’ll talk.

One way streets would change direction overnight.

Exits off major highways would disappear.

Signs were merely handy reminders for people who already knew where they were going. If you needed one (say, to tell you a cross street) they would all be removed.


Heh, I’m told not only does Boston have the worst streets and such, but the worst drivers as well. ;-)

So I’m waiting for friends to show up before heading to the OC Fair, and watching Fox local news. And their reporter on the scene says the following:

“You know, I get a lot of grief from my brother, who says we’re guilty of fear mongering. But as you look at this light traffic behind me today, I only have this to say: YOU’RE WELCOME.”

Seriously? You’re saying your fear-mongering is a public service? Jesus.

Uh yeah that’s was thinking too… and the fact that it’s just the weekend… wow. A bit of an over-reaction.

— Alan

They’re doing it again next year, if that helps.

Mothers, lock up your daughters! ;)

Hide your kids, hide your wife!

This is a pic over the 405 looking north at the bridge on Palms. It’s very surreal.

It’s also very tiny.

Oh, sorry, I thought it would upload the full sized version. I’ll fix that in a jiffy.

A bit slower than a jiffy…