Los Espookys

If you have access to HBO, you really ought to check this show out. It’s a half hour (mostly) Spanish language comedy about a group of four friends who are into horror and end up hiring out to, say, fake an exorcism at an orphanage so the head priest can get one over on the new hot priest everyone’s gravitating towards. Or fake a sea monster to drive tourism to a beach town. It’s sublimely silly and has all sorts of lovely touches.

If you don’t believe me, here’s the AV Club’s pre-air review that originally got my interest.

I almost made a thread for this a couple weeks back when I caught the trailer, looks like fun. Plus it has Fred Armisen, and I’m a big fan of his.

I watched the first episode and thought it was a bit rushed and the central premise didn’t quite gel… but there were some wonderful, offbeat jokes in the margins of the story that were hilarious. Like how Armisen’s lifelong calling has been to park cars or the flaky character who showed up for the exorcism while being paid to break in new shoes.

Might watch another one! Might not.

There is so much of that sort of humor in the later episodes.

Just caught up and I’m liking this show a lot, it’s the right kind of weird.

I’m through the first two episodes and my biggest hope is that Pepito shows up again.

You will not be disappointed.

Oh that was better than I could have hoped.

Renewed for season 2.


Such a damn good show.

Wonderful news! An odd, but delightful, duck.