Losing video signal upon reboot from hibernation

Hey folks,

Today for the second time in the last week my comp running XP Pro with an 8800GT 512MB and pretty recent nvidia drivers (from last month or something) has lost the video signal upon reboot from hibernation. The screen just goes black and after a few seconds the monitor goes into standby mode. I don’t know whether to blame the card or the driver. I am also using RivaTuner 2.23 to better control fan speeds, but nothing else.

Any ideas?

Did this feature work before the driver update?

Stop living like a bear.

Yes, but sometimes it works under this update, too. I should update to the latest and greatest nvidia drivers, I suppose, to see if the problem continues.

Another weird thing that’s happened lately is that I tell the machine to hibernate and it reboots instead. I’m wondering if I just need to reinstall Windows, but it would be such a pain getting all my programs reinstalled. Is there a way to repair an existing install?

Repairing an existing install is pretty much dancing with death. It’s not clean to do at all, and requires some manual command line input from you, and even when you’re done with it you’ll have a high rate of bugginess with your existing programs and drivers.

Is your motherboard firmware up to date, by the way? It sounds like your issue might really be power drivers related and not necessarily video card. At some point my computer just stopped coming out of hibernation and would actually reboot. I never did find out what the problem was, though, as a reinstall didn’t fix it and neither did fiddling with BIOS settings.