Lossless Scaling (Steam) - anyone have experience with it?

I’ve done some cursory search and results seem promising, but there are a lot of people with various issues, ranging from driver crashes to black screens.

I’m mostly curious if anyone with an older GPU managed to get a significant performance increase at acceptable image quality loss in GPU intense games such as Cyberpunk 2077 etc.

It’s not meant for what you are trying to do.

I don’t know about AMD, but nVIDIA drivers have this built-in. Just open the nVIDIA control panel, go to ‘Adjust desktop size and position’, and then under the scaling tab click Integer scaling.

It’s great for old super low resolution, 2D games, but that’s about where its usefulness ends. It’s not going to make 1080p look as good on a 4K monitor as it does on a 1080p monitor (where you’ll probably have better luck using anti-aliasing combined with nVIDIA’s image sharpening). It’s not a replacement for DLSS where you can legitimately render a lower resolution with limited loss in image quality.

Also keep in mind that since it’s integer scaling, it’s not going to fill your screen unless the game is running at an integer of your native resolution.

Yeah, the idea was to run the games at 1280x720 and upscale by factor of 2 (1440p monitor). I bought the app since it’s only a few euros and I’ll post my impressions once I get around to doing some testing. To be honest, if I can make NEO Scavenger alone look acceptable at high res it will be worth it for me.


These are the scaling options in Lossless scaling:

So it appears it’s a little more advanced than the other app that was mentioned in that thread. I’ll give it a try with CP77, Witcher 3 and some other older games like Stalker Anomaly and report back when I get a chance.

So, I briefly tried Cyberpunk and the results were rather underwhelming. There was too much image noise, even at lowest possible sharpening and with film grain turned off in the game. I tried 1280x720 at 2x scaling and 1920x1080 at 1.33 (noticeable performance decrease on my old rx 580). I’ll try some other games to see if they fare any better.

It was actually about the app you linked (Jeff mentioned it first elsewhere and then it got its thread), before it was hijacked by another, freeware, app.
Most people praising it in other threads were praising it for its font doubling ability.
In any case, it won’t do anything decent drivers don’t do better nowadays, as Penny said. Funny how a lot has changed on that front in only a couple of years (blurry and stretched used to be the only option).

And it definitely won’t do any good for 3D games, for a wide variety of reasons. Again, the default upscaling of the video card and/or monitor will do some work, sometimes. But there is no miracle universal DLSS hack yet.