Lost: 2007

Because the other thread needed to die.


Many have tried… few have succeeded.

I don’t know if I’m even going to bother to watch.

Watch what? This thread die in oblivion?

I’ll bite.

Just read the “Top 50 Lost Loose Ends” at IGN. SOme overlap, but it’s a good reminder of what’s been going on. It’s almost become a burden trying to keep up with the show’s plotlines at this point. Perhaps I wouldn’t be so troubled, but for hearing that the creators promise to explain everything…

you’ll watch like a crackwhore – so will I

Crackwhores watch a lot of Lost, do they?

That reply is asking for a mother joke. But, for once, I will refrain.

Your restraint is astounding. I salute you, sir!

I will be crackwhorishly watching tonight as well. I wish it wasn’t on so fucking late though.

Isn’t it on tomorrow night?

yep. 16? episodes straight.


Man, it’s so late, it’s like it’s 24 hours beyond where you’re expecting it to be!

Dangit, come on thread! You can do it!

Sawyer was in full “everyone kicks my ass but I’m really the baddest motherfucker on the island” mode last night. They should have ended the last block of episodes with this one, they’ve just done a reset.

Glad to see more Deadwood folks, as well.


Yep, we’ve seen Joanie, Trixie and now Jane. I’m sure Mrs Ellsworth will be showing up soon.

Watching the preshow was interesting for perspective. It sounds like you have a number of flawed individuals brought together by fate, given a clean slate to reimagine themselves, and set up against a mission to take on some doomsday cult/corporation.

Kinda feels like The Stand. On an island, hehe.

Was it me, or where there cut scenes that showed up in the recap?

What the hell. I hate the other thread, so here we go.

Does anyone want to speculate on why DHARMA needs babies? Or needs to be able to get people who normally shouldn’t be able to get pregnant preggers?

Also the bit about Alex being Ben’s kid threw me off. Isn’t Alex Rousseau’s baby? Or was she taken so young that she thinks Ben is her father?

What the hell were they doing to Carl in that room, was it A Clockwork Orange in reverse?

Why can’t Ben be her father, with Rousseau as the mother?

I suppose you’re right. I’d assumed that Alex’s father was some French researcher or something, but in the crazy world of Lost co-incidences, I suppose it is possible that Ben really is her father.

I also would not discount the mindfuck angle, either.

My completely unsupported theory is this: Dharma is researching eternal life. It would appear that the procedure is psychologically damaging, hence the Ludivico Technique room. (It also explains why so many of the other psychological experiments - like the monitoring room - are geared towards long-term repetitive tasks.) It would also appear that the procedure may destroy a woman’s baby-making equipment, which explains the X-rays of a 26 year old looking like those of a seventy year old.

The babies are needed for stem-cell-esque harvesting or further research, is my guess.