Lost Ark (isometric ARPG/MMO) general discussion

I’ll probably at least give this a try, and if it hooks me I’m happy to join back up with the Wanderers crew.

The speculation I’ve seen that (unfortunately) makes the most sense is that it’s a lot of work to create a prologue tutorial for each class and as they kept adding new classes (over 20 now in the Korean version) they got tired of the expense/effort involved in adding the new ones.

If they’d been smart they would perhaps have realized that the NA release being limited to only the smaller set of older classes was a good opportunity to reintroduce them for a while and then they could pull them again once the T2 stuff and classes were released here in a year of so. I suspect it’s one of those things they never really thought about. It’s a shame because they are really good class/game intros. Missed opportunity all around.

It isn’t per subclass, just per class, so they would have needed one new one for the Specialist

Ah, I didn’t realize that was a new one. Yeah, probably not enough time to do that even if they wanted to back 6 months ago. A shame.

I’ll be the minority opinion and say good riddance. The sooner I can get the training wheels off and get to “the real game” the better for my individual tastes, I already felt like the start of the game was a slog and didn’t start picking up until L20 or so. Time and money spent on a prologue you see once doesn’t seem like a good ROI for this sort of game, but that could well just be my bias coloring things!

My understanding is that the Prologues were skippable. They basically consisted of lore for the class, introduction to class skills and some missions to complete from level 5-10.

Ah, that’s a shame then! Skippable is the best of both worlds, those that enjoy that sort of thing can any those like me can get on with it. :) Wonder if the prologue contents are all on YouTube at least?

Here’s the ones for the assassin, mage, martial artist and gunner classes.

You can go to the Book of Memories and still look at the cutscenes for your prologue class.

It’s the craziest thing. As launch approaches, I’m starting to get interested in some classes that are opposite my typical playstyle. In particular, shadow Hunter, which has some crazy looking skill effects. Everything just looks so fun (in general). Can’t wait to try everything

Both the Shadowhunter and Scouter are good alt classes to be able to have them be top-end since both require a significantly smaller amount of gold to be effective at higher GS. I thought I wouldn’t care about the extra character slot of the Gold/Plat pack, but with how interested I am in playing the different styles of characters offered I think I’m going to fill them pretty easy.

My plan is to make at least 1 of the base class of each then I can better decide after I have more playtime under my belt and what kinds of alt gear I will have.

In particular, the Gunslinger and the Berserker (hopefully femzerker) are gaining traction in my character mind space, especially after seeing the Madness engraving.

This is one of my two most anticipated classes we aren’t starting with (the other being artist). Scouter looks like crazy fun.

In games like this, I like to play 1) summoning classes with swarms of dudes, 2) classes with an engaging or complex rotation, and 3) support classes. Are there classes in Lost Ark that tickle those same brain cells?

  1. doesn’t exist. Even the class called summoner (not at launch) has mostly effects that look like creatures vs lasting minions
  2. they DEFINITELY have this. I’m no expert on the classes, having never played, but gunslinger comes to mind. Gunslinger has to switch between three different weapons: pistols, shotgun, and rifle.
  3. there will be two at launch: Paladin and bard. Note there is no heal/tank/dps Trinity here. Every other class is dps, and all provide some form of party buff, though some of these offer more on the support side (notably gunlancer)

I don’t know why I didn’t recall this when you asked originally, but the game has gamepad support if you’re comfortable with a controller. You’ll probably still want a mouse for doing UI stuff but in terms of running around fighting stuff a controller is an option.

I was watching a tip and tricks video and there seems to be an auto run feature and the settings can be configured to have auto run follow the mouse cursor. Not sure if that will help.

@Charlatan @Ironsight @zenblack I have a question about the Wanderers guild. I see that guilds can be formed at level 30 so I assume it might take a day or so for someone to get there and have the cash to form the guild in LA. I also see that the initial guild size is limited to 30 people.

Are there more than 30 people currently wanting to play LA with Wanderers? I know Ironsight said the guild was smaller these days so I don’t know what the actual demand is. I assume the long term members will get first dibs if there’s a crunch over us Qt3 folks (as they should). Anyone know what the roster size can be expanded to and how you do that? Is any of that a concern at this point?

Here are a couple of videos showcasing all 15 subclasses in solo play (an endgame daily activity called a chaos dungeon):

And here in raids:

I would be surprised and delighted if we filled our initial 30 slots before we have more available. We are asking that people only join with their main or first character since Guilds are per character. We will be rushing to make the guild in the first few hours, ideally by the end of the first day, Feb 8th, if we can actually get past the queue. You get more slots as you level the guild up to a max cap of 100 on the last roster upgrade.

If needed I will create a secondary guild initially, but more than likely it will come in a day or two later once I hit 50 for that 300k silver this is for those who are leveling up alts to have access to the rewards.

Thanks! I look forward to playing with everyone.