Lost Ark (isometric ARPG/MMO) general discussion

I’ve had the same issue for many years now.

It’s a bit weird in this game, because unlike most arpgs, auto-attacking holds you in place and there is no separate hold key.

I would recommend you get a gaming keypad or other device that will let you bind a mouse function to a key, e.g. a Razer Tartarus (there are cheaper options). That would let you play exactly as you do now.

Yeah, I forgot I have a keyboard you can do that with. That works just fine in my testing. Good tip. As far as what I was mentioning about all the hotkey shortcuts, here is a good video, but where I have started it he goes into a lot of the quick key/mouse combos for doing a lot of things on the fly.

Especially the first 6 or so.

This games seems very complicated just looking at all the types of currencies as an example. Never mind making a big mistake on upgrading your equipment and losing something on the old piece you are replacing because you didn’t unequip it first.

Anyone that is going to play the game should watch that video.

FYI, there’s at least one thing in that video that won’t apply to us at launch. You don’t get Tripods levels on gear until much later, so the part about saving those to your library and such is good to know for later but not needed right away. That’s just as well because it is one of the more complicated systems.

But I had no idea about some of the things he mentioned, like the unique names on gear

I am never going to remember that I already own something that has several words in the name! I guess it might be a good idea to take a pic of my loadout and put in in OneNote on my other monitor!

Is anyone planning on purchasing one of the founder’s packs?

I got one of the cheapo ones to get the headstart.

I’ve bought platinum. Considering buying gold as well, but waiting on some info (especially crystal purchase cost)

I am not sure headstart will work for me as game comes out on Friday? That would mean I would have to be able to start on a Tuesday. Not sure work wouldn’t get in the way.

I was thinking of getting the Plat for the skins especially Paladin. But the other stuff will only help if I can get to endgame. Not sure if my older wrists will hold out that long as others already have mentioned.

They really don’t tell you a lot in the pack descriptions. Does all packs get same pet as an example?

Choice of three colors, yes.

FYI, you don’t get them all. You have to pick one class each (for the gold and plat avatars)

I bought the bronze pack because I want to reserve a few names before anyone else can get them. And I’m sure I will play a bit during the headstart. But I’m in no rush.

The pet and the mount are good things to have - a pet collects loot for you and a mount lets you get around faster. However, there are quests early on in the game that reward you with a free pet and a free mount, so you don’t need to purchase anything to get both of those items. If you like the looks of the cat and the hydra mount that’s another issue entirely, because they do look pretty cool.

Brilliant, thanks. I have a steelseries keyboard (the apex pro), and it does allow me to bind a mouse function to a key. I have never tested this, but I may do so in another game to ensure that it works.

The trick will then be not using any words in chat that involve ‘w’. ;) Or maybe I use the tilde to move.

Ah, that may change my thinking then. For such an Alt focused game giving only one special skin for highest tier founders pack seems crappy.

From what I understand, there are plenty of skins available in the cash shop, and some of them can be sold on the auction house for gold, which you earn in-game. Also, how many games have you played where people use the initial skins/weapons/items more than a month or two into the game?

With the Main Alt being a huge thing in Lost Ark I would expect a skin to be used a lot. My problem is knowing which Alt I will end up choosing. I didn’t have the opportunity to try the beta to get a feel for the characters.

I am not sure if you can wait before choosing which to select or do you have to select the Plat Skin on the first character you pick?

I am thinking I would like the Paladin as I like playing support but who knows I may find another specialization I like better.

I always seem to make the wrong decision when faced with this dilemma. Either I don’t buy a pack in a game wishing I had or if I do buy one I end up not playing enough.

The skin pack comes in parts and you can mix and match parts with those from other skins as well. You receive a chest that you can open and pick any of the founder skins available in it. You don’t have to open the chest right away and pick one, you can keep it for as long as you’d like.

It’s just a cosmetic skin. You’ll be able to buy various pieces of cosmetic armor for gold on the AH, including pieces that come from the cash shop. Plus, it seems there are a lot of armor sets you get as quest rewards and drops that change your appearance without having to use the cosmetic slots to do so.

Personally, I can’t justify spending $100 for what basically amounts to a character slot and one skin. You get a pet and a mount somewhere around level 12 from the main quest line. There are also several other nice other mounts you get from quests. The only founder’s pack I’d even consider is the bronze one just to get the early start so that I might be able to get the names I want for my characters. I don’t think the packs are a good value in general.

The only caveat is that it can only give you a skin for the launch classes

@geewhiz given your circumstances, I’d wait and see how your hands do

Thanks, @Charlatan, @zenblack, @Misguided, & @Coldsteel!

I appreciate your input.

I probably will not buy any pack and wait and see.

Let me add: While I disagree with Coldsteel about the value of the packs. I don’t think there’s anything there I’d be heartbroken about if I didn’t get it. There are other mounts. There are other skins.