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Well, you get ~$70 value of the cash shop royal gems. There is no way to know for certain exactly how much they will be worth but it’s not just the skin and a pet. In the bronze pack, you get the basics but the actual value is getting the crystalline aura which is a convenience buff but costs ~$10 in the shop for the 1 month which you get. If you are on the fence though you don’t have to buy anything, like I stated before someone who went through spending a lot of money feels like you could get whatever you wanted without spending a dime.

I am weak however and bought the Plat pack after I played the Russian server for a bit to see if I would like the game and found that I really, really, like the game and the announcements for the annual LOA on what they are going to be adding throughout the year was enough for me to feel like it will have legs enough so that I would probably spend those cash token since I am the kind of person who doesn’t shy away from buying a gorgeous costume. That is one thing I can say about the game is it’s very pretty and smooth (for me) but they are adding DX11 which might clean it up for people with less beefy computers.

Is this almost out? This thread has had a flurry of activity!

Feb 11 is the release date. Feb 8 is the headstart date.

Yeah, I certainly don’t blame anyone who likes what’s in the plat pack and has the money to spend on it. It’s just for myself I think the mount and pet are meh and there’s a couple of mounts in the cash shop that I really like. So, I’d just prefer to wait and get that stuff piecemeal from the shop if I really like the game (which I suspect I will). Plus I know I’m playing a Berserker but I just don’t care much for the Berserker skin in the plat pack.

Gold might be worth it, if you intend to buy from shop later, between the crystals, character slot, and aura

I am assuming that the Crystalline Aura is about 15 per month?

We don’t know. I seem to recall is roughly equivalent to that in Korea. Honestly, the aura doesn’t seem like a huge deal from what most people say, but it’s part of the packages

As far as the movement goes, there is no way to bind force move to a key like you can in say…D3? That’s a real deal breaker for me if so, no thanks to carpal tunnel.

So, apparently the current character naming convention is rather strict. 2-12 characters, no caps (except the first letter), no spaces, no numbers, no special characters. Deleting a character will free up the name again, but only after a waiting period of 120 days. So, basically similar to early WoW except for the recycling of names bit.

From the beta there were quite a few complaints and they say they took note so it’s possible that they change some things by release. I hope so. Names can be a real PITA in some MMOs.

I also read that names are unique per region. So you can be Xxxcooldudexxx on US east and on US west.

Yeah, I saw that there will be both east and west coast servers, so that’s good. I’m not clear on if you can only join a guild that’s on your server.

There isn’t in-game, unfortunately. You could use various macro programs to bind a key to LMB which is what I may do.

You don’t need to. Movement and attack are separated. You have to auto-attack to stop moving.

But yes, it is on LMB. I think I misunderstood. If you want it on a literal key, you’d need a programmable keyboard or some other solution. I’d recommend a G13, but they are hard to find. There’s plenty of options out there, though

Where did you see 120 days? I thought it was 24 hours and didn’t apply to level one characters

From a r/lostarkgame thread.

level 1


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It’s 120 days. If you’re on the lost ark discord, here’s the screenshot: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/852619895119020033/906003093261545552/unknown.png

If you look at the thread that came from, it is on the known issues list from the CBT

Here’s a test forum thread about it. Looks like it may be 120 days unless the character is less than level 10 (possibly). There may have been a beta issue with how it’s working, it wasn’t clear in the thread as the rep never responded further than saying that making it less than 120 days wasn’t possible.

I just tested on the RU server and you can’t just remake the same name character on either level 10 (if you started) or level 1 (don’t actually start the game). I’ll try it again with the same name in 25 hours just to see if that is the timeframe but this would definitely be something I’d look at the patch notes for on release.

Yeah, I mentioned this in Tectrek’s list of open issues. I was hoping to reserve some names for later, so this would be good to know

Following up. I wasn’t able to make either character level 10 or 1 after 24 hours with the same name.

Just got an answer about this today