Lost Ark (isometric ARPG/MMO) general discussion

Can you create all your alts on day 1 to get try to get a name you like or are alts only available after you level up your first character?

You can create them all on day 1.

Ok than I have to rethink getting a Bronze Pack might be worth it. Of course if a bajillion people all get three day early access and the servers are a huge line might not matter.

Practically speaking I wouldn’t be able to log in until after work about 5 PM EST on that Tuesday.

I’m not going to sweat it. I never seem to get the name I want no matter what whenever naming conventions are this strict. It just makes me have to get more creative, I guess. Some people that actually play the game have been saying that the Bronze pack is a terrible value unless you just absolutely must play on day one. I’m probably just going to chill until the 11th. This isn’t a game where you should rush to 50 so I’m not going to worry much about it all.

Geewhiz is usually my main if I can get it. I tend to name my other characters based on what class they are so I can tell at a glance what they were made to do. I often would start a MMO play for a month or two. Stop and then restart on vacation. Their name was a clue!

So, it looks like belonging to a guild is going to be desired in this game to do group content and advance your gear beyond a certain point. Certainly not right away but, eventually.

Would there be any interest here in forming a small, casual Qt3 guild for Lost Ark? It looks like most of the dungeons and raids are 4 man, which should make a small, friendly/casual guild perfectly viable. A lot of the end-game dungeon/raid content has tricky mechanics which requires practice to learn and it would be far more pleasant to do that with some friends here rather than in rage-quitting PUGs. Just a thought.

The Wanderers Guild will have a presence in Lost Ark. Several forum members here are also Wanderers and Qt3 members are welcome.

Here is a link to our Discord server: The Wanderers Guild

I’d be down, but Qt3 guilds are kind of notorious for fizzling out (understandably, an online game isn’t going to be for everyone and interest will wane at different times for people).

Whether we do a Qt3 guild or join en masse with an existing guild like The Wanderers as @Ironsight mentions, I’m definitely down for learning dungeons in a group of Qt3ers instead of PUGs. Whatever guild status ends up being, lets make sure we’re on each other’s friends list and can run some dungeons. Sounds like fun!

I’ve tried playing with the Wanderers several times over the years (Warhammer Online was the first time) but I just never really felt welcome there. There’s a lot of people in it and while Charlatan has always been very friendly and all around great, everyone else pretty much ignores new people. I never felt part of anything or included in anything there. I think maybe it’s just too big and has a lot of folks that already know each other.

Well, even if we just do that instead of actually having a guild, that would be great. We’d only need to get 4 people together in most cases.

I have a non-Qt3 friend that will be playing quite a bit and I’m sure he’d be down for dungeons as well, so seems like 4-person groups shouldn’t be too bad to swing!

There’s talk on Reddit and the official forums that NA East is going to have much higher population and that OCE and SEA players will be playing on NA West. It’s been said that game economy and things you will need like getting engraving books and good jewelry at decent prices is highly dependent on population size.

Part of me thinks it is bluster, but it has got me thinking about playing on East

I’m east coast anyway so I will most certainly be on NA East.

Hmmm, interesting. I might have to check what latency is like for me, otherwise I was planning NA West since it’s a lot closer to me geographically. I forgot there were regional NA servers!

You can check here:

I’ve read that the game plays pretty well with high ping (200+) from folks playing in other regions via VPN

Great, thanks! Somehow I have better ping to Frankfurt that the Ohio server. :) Just a hiccup along the chain I’m sure, but it made me laugh.

Getting a larger sample size, looks like my ping to CA is around 35ms while the US East servers are about twice that at 70ms. For a MMO I might not notice a difference, but I’d be interested in getting a feel for both!

Looks like the Virginia server for me.


@Coldsteel I am sorry you’ve never felt welcome when playing with the Wanderers. There are some people who’ve been in the guild a while, but new blood is always welcome! Our mantra is : play the game to have fun and do what you want - there’s no pressure on people to log in or do dungeons or raids or PVP… do whatever you find fun! Oh, and don’t be a jerk! :D

There’s no server list yet but we are aiming to pick a less-crowded US East server.

Guild membership is on a character-by-character basis so it’s perfectly fine if anyone here wants to join with one character to check out the guild. We will definitely have a group of people playing from early access onward.

Closer to launch we’ll post the server info.

Disclaimer: I joined the Wanderers at the launch of New World, so anything previous I have no knowledge or experience with.

I’m not sure how it was in the past but since I have joined the Wanderers it has been anything but a “big” guild. Obviously, I don’t know how many of the current members will join in Lost Ark but I do hope it will be a good amount. We had an influx of players from New World that are younger (college+ age) that have been a good balance with the older more crusty grognards. While I think certain individuals may not be proactive about offering help every member I have interacted with has been willing to do so as it fits their schedules. Personally, I have recruited and looked for more players that fit the Wanderer mantra of being casual gamers with lives who want to play that are fun to play with and share our values of being a helpful and generous community whether it be time, in-game items, giving information or offering assistance.

We are looking to have a good number of active players for the release of Lost Ark to not only have people available and willing to do group content across a spectrum of time slots and days but also to engage in some of the bigger guild content like GvG, GvE and other things that are coming down the road with Lost Ark for those who would like to do that type of stuff. Newer members like Ironsight and others might give you more insight if we were helpful or inclusive to new members, as I can only go off of my own personal experience.

If you or anyone else would like to join, join the discord then say something in General chat or respond and the administrator will verify you and give you access (you can use me, Charlatan, Ironsight, or any other Qt3 member as reference). There is a Lost Ark section that includes the witty banter of a few of the more active members as well as our repository of information including videos, spreadsheets, and all that.

All are certainly welcome!

The game does play well at higher ping. Playing in RU at 180+ ping I only rarely notice in PVP arenas that I am behind the visual effects or skills or feel like my lag bit me in the ass. I’m anxious to play on US East with good ping to really punish those who wanna jump my Deathblade :)

Yeah, I was going to say I thought Charlatan and zenblack did a great job in New World trying to make people feel welcome in the guild, and assisting and offering help in dungeons and such. I just never really got the time to play that I wanted and the game sort of died out fast for some of us.

It looks like Lost Ark may have a more solid foundation to last longer. I am not sure I am ready for another game like this, but maybe sometime in the future. I will be following to see how it goes.