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@Charlatan @Ironsight @zenblack I have a question about the Wanderers guild. I see that guilds can be formed at level 30 so I assume it might take a day or so for someone to get there and have the cash to form the guild in LA. I also see that the initial guild size is limited to 30 people.

Are there more than 30 people currently wanting to play LA with Wanderers? I know Ironsight said the guild was smaller these days so I don’t know what the actual demand is. I assume the long term members will get first dibs if there’s a crunch over us Qt3 folks (as they should). Anyone know what the roster size can be expanded to and how you do that? Is any of that a concern at this point?

Here are a couple of videos showcasing all 15 subclasses in solo play (an endgame daily activity called a chaos dungeon):

And here in raids:

I would be surprised and delighted if we filled our initial 30 slots before we have more available. We are asking that people only join with their main or first character since Guilds are per character. We will be rushing to make the guild in the first few hours, ideally by the end of the first day, Feb 8th, if we can actually get past the queue. You get more slots as you level the guild up to a max cap of 100 on the last roster upgrade.

If needed I will create a secondary guild initially, but more than likely it will come in a day or two later once I hit 50 for that 300k silver this is for those who are leveling up alts to have access to the rewards.

Thanks! I look forward to playing with everyone.

@Coldsteel FWIW I agree with zen that it is unlikely we have 30 people waiting to play at this point.

I continue to read about the game and keep finding things that are a bit confusing because it is not always mentioned if the topic is applicable to the Western release.

Legendary Avatars - appear that they hold more stats that can be helpful. Not certain of Avatars are the same thing as a skin and is a Founders Skin at Legendary Status?

Is the Northern Lawmaker skin usable on any class? I cannot find out anything about that.

I received a belated Christmas Present of 250 bucks so will probably buy a pack most likely the Bronze since I will probably play a lot the first month and would like to try the Crystalline Aura and I would still get the early access etc. I would then set aside 100 dollars for any future purchases I want to get. I rather have a pet other than a Rabbit, but I am not a cat person, I rather have a dog lol.

I am planning on trying:

Not really interested in the Gun types at this point. Looking for easier characters to play which the Berserker & Shadowhunter seem to fall into. The Supports are supposed to be harder in the sense you have to know the boss fights to be at your best but I like playing support usually.

Avatar = skin, yes. The ones in the packs are epic, not legendary.

You will choose a class for the lawmaker skin. I think it can then be used on any subclasses of that class (if you open it in a berserker, you could later use it on a Paladin). The platinum avatars, in contrast, are subclass-specific.

For those who are worrying about clicking and such I have found the method that uses a key to autorun and then you can change the directions with mouse movement.

Pick a Key for Autorun
Go to Options → Gameplay → Show → Combat Settings
Change Auto Move from Advance (Keyboard) to Advance (Mouse)

You wouldn’t want to do that during combat though…at least not with a ranged class. Might work ok for melee

My Wardancer - Ready for release!

Hey, thanks! I assume the key is a toggle? I can bind autorun to W, my avatar will then run towards the cursor position, and I can tap W again to stop running?

Also, I wouldn’t have an issue in chat with words including ‘w’?

I’m not sure, since I won’t be using it so I don’t know how people who use the key to move instead of mouse function but this might work for some who use that type of control scheme. Either way, now you know!

Do teams always have to be unique members? Could we run a dungeon with 3 Shadowhunters and 1 Support? I do not believe I have ever seen a video of two of the same character types together.

Yes it’s a toggle, so you can stop it with the key or using a skill will stop your movement as well.

Yes, the only thing that requires different classes are tournaments.

As I’ve seen it explained, people typically take one support and 3 different classes - that’s because each class brings a specific type of buff or debuff and you want all of the different contributions since mulltiple same class buff/debuffs don’t stack.

That makes sense though it might be fun to try a Shadowhunter party etc. I get why we would limit Support since they do not have a lot of attack power. But i suppose more buffs all around seems to be the King & Queen of LA.

Thanks @Misguided & @zenblack for your replies above!

You could do an all Shadowhunter party for sure. And I think for T1 content, you’d be just fine as long as you are willing to use potions and you don’t max out before you kill them (I never have).

You are limited to the number and amount of consumables you can use. Here is a basic rundown:

Once you enter a Guardian Raid or any other instanced content, a usage limit is placed on every Combat Item. The limit is different for each Combat Item and usually increases with the rarity of the item. For example, an HP Potion can be used up to 5 times but Elemental HP Potion can be used 7 times per Raid. Besides the usage limit, you can only slot 4 different Combat Items, limited to 1 per category. Grenades, Bombs, Potions, Health Potions, Uncategorized. You will usually have to take at least 1 uncategorized item (Flares) at least from the etiquette I’ve seen but if you are doing it with guildmates or whoever in a voice chat they might not be needed.

Once you hit the enter key to type then control keys are disabled and enabled once you hit enter again posting the chat

Awesome thanks! This is great news as I’m looking forward to this game quite a bit.