Lost arrives in the UK

Is this worth missing Liverpool’s first leg European Cup qualifier to get into?

It sounds intruiging and I’m led to believe it’s the pilot and first episode on tonight?

Or do I go down the pub and watch football?

The first 4 or so episodes are quite good and well worth watching. After that, it meanders a lot - the main story develops VERY slowly as the back stories are revealed.

But definitely watch the first 2 hours (the plane crash and immediate aftermath), and the episode with the backstory about Locke (the big bald, slightly sinister looking quiet guy - I think it’s episode 4 or so).

After that, skip episodes freely - as long as you watch every 3rd episode or so you’ll stay in the loop.

Lies! All LIES!

Watch every episode, and don’t listen to the guys in here that would have you believe that the story of the show is boring. Its compelling stuff and you should watch all of it.

Come on, Liverpool is playing CSKA Sofia, a friggin Bulgarian team.

— Alan

It’s still Liverpool, they’re my team dammit and they need me. Besides CSKA Sofia beat Liverpool once in 1982, first half decent opposition we’ve had etc etc.

Plus I get to have beer if I go watch the football.

In other words Lost had better be good or there will be trouble.

Lost is very good. Not as good as BSG but damn good.

I loved the pilot but in my opinion it even got better after the first few episodes.

What the fuck kind of world do you live in if you can’t a) tape Lost or b) drink beer at home while watching Lost?

I think the whole point is that the back stories are the main story. The characters are just as (or even more) interesting as the island they’re on. Besides, if you stop watching after episode 4 you’ll miss out on all of Sawyer’s nicknames. And Hurley saying “Dude”. That guy should get an Emmy for Most Gratuitous Use of the Word Dude In a Serious Screenplay.

i just downloaded season one and watched the whole thing in only two days (that’s about 17 hours). i will admit that my tastes aren’t as cultured as some, but i obviously found the show very compelling.

Argh. I caught this mid-season when it first aired, so I figured I’d wait for the repeats so I could watch it from the start, but now they’re starting to skip episodes. They apparently skipped over the first Claire-focused episode last week, and this week is two episodes ahead of the previous one (from “All The Best Cowboys…” straight to “Special”)…

I don’t normally download TV shows, but this is sorely tempting me…

Download it, buy it, borrow it, but by all means watch it.

I’m no connoisseur of television by any means, but Lost is one of only three shows I currently consider must-see. The Pantheon includes Six Feet Under (superlative writing and character acting) and Las Vegas (hottest chicks and James Caan).

Don’t miss any episodes. Each episode builds on those that came before it, since (as Mike so perfectly points out), this show is as much about the back story as the fore story. It’s completely compelling TV, and I really get the same feeling from this show as I do from a good ARG. If that’s your bag, get into Lost.

DVD comes out in September I think.

It’s an interesting Liverpool game BTW :)

— Alan

What the fuck is a good ARG? A pirate pasttime?

No, that would be an ARRGGGGGH.

Note the ‘H’.

ARG=Alternative Reality Game. i.e. The Beast or I Love Bees. See Wikipedia

Really enjoyed this. Already there are loads of threads set up - the Doc seems to be hiding something, what was the prisoner…umm…in chains for, who wrote the note that the hard arse read and then went on the walk for, what the hell is making that noise and where is the dog?

I’ll be watching the rest - the first 3 seasons of Alias had me shouting “NO WAY OMFG” on a regular basis, so I reckon this could do the same and hook me.

What the fuck kind of world do you live in if you can’t a) tape Lost or b) drink beer at home while watching Lost?

The one where I’m too lazy to find a shop that sells video tapes. If I video it I’ll never get round to watching it but did at least buy some beer on the way home.

I’m not sure what I made of it tbh. Played hobbit spotting, enjoyed whats her name in her pants and the setup generally was pretty interesting (though I’m not convinced by the “beastie” in the forest). All I have to do now is remember it’s on to watch it next week.

Ah, I remember the world before DVR. Buying tapes. Hah!

You have to see all the backstories. Without giving spoilers, it is important that you see them all. So watch all the episodes.

I’m really starting to get into it now. The “don’t care” thingy from Dr Jack to the fit lady about why the dying marshall was chasing her was a bit annoying, why spend an hour going through all that guff only to wave it all off at the end?

Last night was Locke’s turn and that one I really enjoyed, nice back story and, I thought, really well shot with a nice twist at the end of it both of the current storyline and his back story.