Lost Empire: Immortals?

Most of the reviews talk about it moving at a snails pace, and focus on the micro-management side of things. Although, they also talk about how most everything you do in it is sort of ‘hands-off.’ Ie. you spend the entire game researching ship tech and tactics, but combat is handled entirely by the computer. The same is said about managing the planets you conquer. The AI handles implementing your researched tech planet-side, and there are no planetary building queues to manage like Master of Orion.

Has anyone had any fun with this one?

The company that made it dissolved, otherwise I would recommend a try although I dont like it myself to much.

The interesting part is that colonies indeed manage themselfs.
You found them, determine a colony type (trade, mining, shipyards etc) and manage defense. Nothing more required. Its better even than my beloved MoO1 slider system!
The bad thing is there are scores of planets. A small galaxy has 600, normal ones 2000 planets! You dont develop ties with your empire, because after a short while it simply is a humongous blob of colonies and you are only ever active at its fringe expanding it further.
Sadly the game is ONLY about expanding. The hands off approach pretty much limits you to that and if you dont expand like crazy in size and power even “minor” powers will outgrow you and kick your ass.

Actually… thats pretty much all the important stuff I have to say about it.
The game is about expanding an empire in a huge galaxy.
Technology, leaders, diplomacy and a “story” element ala Antarans in the (overrated :P) MoO2 are all present, but would need big amounts of polish to be actually worthy of mention.

Oh, one other thing: the in game font was really terrible.
No matter the resolution its practically unreadable for me.

In the end I would recommend trying the demo and only if you really like the gameplay of it consider buying the game. While there is someone making unofficial patches the game wont change much I’d assume.