Lost Games

I’m interested in compiling a list of announced games that got cancelled. Help me out here.

  • Champions
  • Agents of Justice
  • Mechlords
  • Secret of Vulcan Fury
  • Warcraft Adventures
  • Ultima Online 2
  • X-COM Alliance
  • Magic: the Gathering Gold
  • Sovereign
  • Heroes Journey
  • Werewolf (based on White Wolf stuff, might not be correct name)
  • Orka Gorka (Orka Morka? Some crazy Warhammer name)
  • Hammer’s Slammers (no one remembers this but me I think)

Anyone know of any sites that compile a list of never-made-it games?

Road to Moscow, although every now and again someone claims that it’s still going to appear.

Torn looked pretty cool. That Black Isle Fallout PST Fantasy crpg.


Star Control 4.

Galaxy Andromeda (aka Imperium Galactica 3) - And I was looking really fortward to this one.
Full Throttle 2 - Didn’t hurt that much.
Outcast 2 - Would have liked to see this game.
Warcraft Adventures (or whatever it was called)
C&C: Renegade 2

Gorka Morka (named after Gork and Mork, the Orkish gods). Didn’t it come out, though? I distinctly remember playing a not-very-good demo.

Jagged Alliance 3.

Try going to www.tothegame.com 's “Upcoming” list and look for ‘On hold’ behind the release date.

Not to forget that Babylon 5 space RTS that they tried to finish once upon a time.

Are you sure this one is dead? Amazon.co.uk are still pimping it onto me. I know it’s had a troubled dev history after being foisted upon several dev teams.

Bablyon 5 (The Flight Sim)

SWAT 4 - I think it died when Fung left Sierra. Haven’t seen an updated screenshot in ages.

Anachronox 2. There was a second one planned, though I have no idea if work on it had even started.

Sid Meier’s Dinosaur. I think you took pictures of dinosair’s or something. Or was this some crack dream?



On the topic of Anachronox, in the mods section (where you could watch the cutscenes and play the APE-Cartridges) there was an option called “Other Planets”, which never got lit even when I finished the game. Anybody know anything about that?

Didn’t Ion Storm Dallas close down immediately after Anachronox went gold or about then? I vaguely remember something about the patches for the game were being done by one of the programmers in an empty office after it was released because they’d fired everybody but needed a patch to go out to make it playable and so were paying him for a couple more weeks of work.

Bard’s Tale IV
Meantime (the sequel to Wasteland)
The remake of MULE (? rumor)
Wing Commander Online: Privateer

Are you sure this one is dead?

Yes, CDV (publisher and company to finance the development) is currently experiencing a rough time thanks to high losses and put the production of Galaxy Andromeda on ice months ago. The official website isn’t up anymore and directs you to CDV now.

Amen : The Awakening
Prax War, that Rebel Boat Rocker FPS
Creation, the Bulllfrog game
Alien : Colonial Marines
Midgard, the Funcom viking MMORPG
Daikatana 2 :D
Half-Life Dreamcast (which gave us Blue Shift)
Stonekeep 2
ShadowPact (Blue Byte RTS)
Beneath (action 3D game by Presto Studio)
Simon the Sorcerer 3D was canceled too, if I remember correctly…
Splinter (an obscure EA game)
Jazz Jackrabbit 3
Tribes Extreme (although one might argue it became Tribes Vengeance)

BTW I had the chance to see Warcraft Adventures, it looked great :(

And regarding Jagged Alliance 3, all hope’s not lost ! :)

Zulu War
Boer War

(both to have been by Twilyt)

Bioforge Plus
Loose Cannon (maybe)

Is this for an article?

Duke Nukem Forever :twisted:

Daikatana 2 was at one time slated to be done by Human Head, I think, using the UT engine. Obviously, that one ain’t going anywhere.