Lost in Random: A Burtonesqe action adventure deck builder

Has a very Burton look to it art wise. It’s an action adventure with randomness, dice rolls and deck building for combat. In my comments about Psychonauts 2 I think I mentioned Doublefine aren’t the only one making weird charming games anymore and this is sort of one of those I was talking about as one might mistake this for something they’d do I think.


“Random” is not a noun, you barbarians.

I believe the gentleman in the lower right would like to speak to you.


Ok, having watched the trailer, that looks fantastic. $30 on steam. They say it will be on switch too, but you can’t pre-order it there, so I don’t know the price (or when it is launching).

Haha, fair point!

This looks cool as shit and much too hard for me to play :(

Holy carp! The production values on this look crazy.

I’m a couple hours into it on PS5 and really enjoying everything about it. The art style and music are incredible, very charming overall. Combat is fun if a little simplistic so far but I’ve heard it gets better as you progress and get more cards.

$6 beans on steam during the autumn sale, think I will pick this up.

This really looks fantastic.