Lost in Space (Original TV Series)

I feel like it hasn’t been said enough: the LiS movie sucked.

Uh, that’s only four. Why is it called Party of Five? Also, the guy in the middle looks like the Jesus version of Jack from Lost. And that looks like the non-Denise Richards hot chick from Wild Things on the left. Did the little boy on the lower right grow up to be someone famous?


Five was babby. Didn’t really get to do much in the first half of the series.

But did it suck more or less than the Star Trek reboot? I say less.

Just showing you how I remembered Lacey Chabert when I saw the LIS movie.

But I did Google her recent pics after reading your posts, so I can see why you never saw her that way…:)

It did have a nice Apollo 440 tune to go with it though, I’ve played it out a couple of times…

Williams is billed as “Johnny Williams.” He also wrote the theme music to two other '60s science fiction TV series: The Time Tunnel, which preceded Lost in Space and the later Land of the Giants, by which time he had shortened his professional billing to the more dignified sounding “John Williams.”

Holy crap, that’s Matthew Fox in the middle. Hahaha, I had no idea he was on that show.

It’s only four because Neve Campbell and her two fellow witch sisters had to send off the baby to be protected from Kevin Bacon and Matt Dillon. Or something like that.

Wow, I haven’t heard that since, at least, 2000/2001.

I’m so glad I don’t have cable anymore.

First thing I remember seeing him in.

I watched the bit with Jonathan Harris on Conan, and was kind of surprised that he spoke with a quasi-British accent there as well, since he was supposedly from NYC. Was he just playing the character there?

My gut tells me that, like Cary Grant, Harris always (publicly) spoke that way after adopting the accent. While in the public eye – er, ear, at any rate.

Just remembered the cheap thrill when, 30 years after this show, I first saw Bill Mumy’s name in the Babylon 5 credits…

Wait, but didn’t Cary Grant grow up in Britain? Or are you saying he adopted an American accent? He always sounded British to me.

Well, yeah, he did. He grew up in Britain and sought to rid himself of a cockney accent, but didn’t make it big in Hollywood until 1931 or so, at which time he fully committed himself to a transatlantic accent.

It’s no Space 1999.

Cary Grant’s bizarre yet perfect accent is one of the great creations of the 20th century.

I also like Tony Curtis’s spoof of it in Some Like It Hot. “Water polo? Isn’t that terribly dangerous?” “I’ll say – I had ten ponies drowned under me!”

Ah, I didn’t realize he’d grown up in the East End (that’s where the Cockney accent is/was strongest, right? I ask as an ignorant Yank).