Lost in Translation--The Next Great Bill Murray Flick?

Saw the trailer for Sophia Coppola’s “Lost in Translation” tonight, and I can’t friggin’ wait! Looks like a great role for Bill as an American movie star filming commercials in Japan. Plus it’s got Scarlett Johanson… oh yeah. Scarlett Johanson.


Wow, this movie is getting the buzz right now. NY Times magazine just did a huge profile on Sofia Coppola, and how Lost in Translation is probably the best indie movie of the year. And it just premiered at the Venice Film Festival to massive acclaim.

Really? She was unbelievably godawful in her Comedy Central show, years ago. Horrible self-indulgent “MY DADDY IS RICH GIVE ME A SHOW” crap.

Could be okay as long as Sophia Coppola stays BEHIND the camera. Godfather III anyone?

“Cousins always kiss.”

Everyone’s going weak in the knees for it.


USA Today and Boston Globe wet themselves about it too…

Also Cabin Fever is getting nice buzz for the horror genre…catching that tomorrow

It’s still Bill Murray, you know.

This film is being over-hyped. It’s a mildly entertaining, “small” film, which I suspect most people will enjoy – but don’t go in with too high expectations. I was slightly disappointed, in part because Bill Murray is so ugly and Scarlett Johanson is so beautiful - they look like a ridiculous couple. There’s also a weird number of redundant scenes in the movie.

I also get the feeling that Sofia Coppola wanted to make the Scarlett Johanson character really sympathetic, perhaps even because she felt like she was an alterego for her own life…and I actually felt her character’s behaviour wasn’t very attractive.

It’s not even close to the best indie film of the year, either.

Desslock, I strongly disagree. It was fantastic; I’ve never seen anything so low-key.

My post reads more negative than I intended – I liked it quite a bit. But there’s probably 7-8 films that I’ve seen this week that I’ve liked more.

Hey Jason, where’d you see it in Seattle? Was at work all day, but may pick it up tomorrow.

The Meridian (Cineplex Odeon? Is there a wierder name for a movie chain?) downtown. The Seven Gables on 50th is the only other place.


Wow, caught it at the Seven Gables (a stone’s throw away for me), and I loved it.

After Rushmore and this, I’m convinced no one can do melancholy better than Bill Murray. If there were any justice, he should win an Oscar for this, especially considering how he was totally nixed for even Oscar consideration for Rushmore. (though damn near everyone else gave him their award).

Scarlett Johanson is hot, hot, hot. And I have literally been in her place. Stuck in a towering Tokyo hotel for hours at a time and just sitting on the window sill, legs drawn, and just staring out onto the city. Though my legs are nowhere as nice as hers ;)

I would kill to know what he whispers to her, but it surely was something truly intimate and personal.

Overall, not as funny as Rushmore, but then it’s not supposed to be. But it does have some truly great hysterical moments. (Lick them! Lick them! Oh, don’t touch me!). But it’s a much more personal movie. You’re wondering what exactly is driving her reaction to his “betrayal.”

Neat Bill Murray article:

Johnson is just painfully hot in this movie.

She looked totally different, and even hotter, in person. Only 18, yikes.

She looked totally different, and even hotter, in person. Only 18, yikes.[/quote]
I saw this movie tonight and I don’t think it’s being over-hyped. It’s an excellent film. The characters are totally real, the pacing is great at least 90% of the time, and the performances are all good, especially from the two leads. And you gotta love that wacky Japan stuff. It’s amazing the way Bill Murray has turned into this really good actor late in life.

I think that’s what I liked about it so much; it seemed a lot more “realistic” than everything else. The wierd hotel sounds, the dialogue - ok, Murray’s repulsiveness getting the girl isn’t, but other than that. Something about the relationship seemed wonderfully real.

Don’t tell Tom. The only worse thing a movie could be is shiver fun.

I thought it was pretty good; not great. It was a romantic comedy without the romance or the comedy. And I mean that in a good way, if that makes any sense at all.