Lost iphone conundrum

My wife wife lost her iphone (it might have somehow gone into the garbage before it got picked up this morning) and we can’t find it on the website for iCloud. I’m wondering if maybe we had iCloud turned off because nothing is showing up. Anyways we’re trying to register an ipad in her account but I guess she has two-factor identification on because it wants to send a code to her phone number, which we can’t use anymore. She doesn’t have any other devices (macs or ipads) that we can use so how in the heck can we set up a new device using her account?

With the iCloud discussion I assume you’re trying Find my iPhone and it’s not working? Is there a way you can log into her iCloud account on a computer and mark the phone as lost/stolen? I assume that would brick it and remove it from consideration for being a destination for two-factor authentication efforts.

I guess it’s possible you’d need to wait a day or so to let that status percolate through the system before trying to register another device. But once the phone is gone from your account I don’t think you’ll have any problems registering a new device.

Ok, I’ve gone through the website and used the “other” option in terms of getting a code, so I got a message sent to my android phone to start the process. The next problem is that they want your credit card information to verify you and of course my wife is onto a new credit card now as the old one expired. So we don’t know the number or the three digit number on the back anymore. So it’s probably going to take even longer than normal.

Also when it rains it pours. One of my ipad’s no longer seems to connect to the internet. It’s showing that it’s connected to wifi and wifi works for all of our other devices. But when I try to change any of the security settings on the ipad it fails to connect to the server and none of the other apps that use internet seem to work properly. When I took it out of the case I noticed there was a little bit of sticky residue on the back. Is it possible that some of that somehow got into the device and killed it’s ability to use the internet even though it’s still able to connect to wifi?


Let me make sure I’ve got the steps you have done correct.

  • You log in to iCloud.com with the Apple ID she set up the phone with.
  • You then click on “find my iPhone” icon in the lower right hand corner of the row of icons
  • No devices show s registered?

Have you tried just calling the phone?

Max: Now THAT is a silly question. ‘Have you tried calling the phone’! That’s so obvious, I can’t believe you brought it up. What kind of idiot wouldn’t call the phone?!
Chief: That’s why I’m asking you, 86. Did you try calling the phone or didn’t you??
Max: 99?
99: Yes, Max?
Max: Would you mind calling the phone?
99: rolls eyes Ok, Max.

Haha! Calling the phone actually worked! Why it didn’t work at 830 in the morning when I first tried it, I have no idea.
Anyways I solved the iPad problem by turning off the iPad and then unplugging the router for a couple of minutes. So a very bad start to the day ended up turning out alright.

So did you find it?

Yes, we found it. Inside the wife’s pillow case! I have no idea why we couldn’t hear it ringing when we called it earlier.

The ringing is coming from INSIDE THE PILLOWCASE!

Inside the pillow case? Must hear why :)

I think @timex earned a special forum title for his insightful suggestion above.

Really classic, like when IT asks if you’ve rebooted your machine.

I mean no, but what could that fi…oh, ok, fixed!