Lost Outlook mailbox/User missing from User list - Win2000

Can anyone help me? I’m using Windows 2000 and was trying to hook up a small home network. I ended up fiddling around with (I think) the name of the Workgroup. It rebooted the machine and when it came back up my old profile (John Brownlee) was no longer in existence… it seemed to have wiped the Users list for the computer clean except for Admin and Guest. Okay, so I tried adding “John Brownlee” as a user, then logged-in under that, but it isn’t the same profile. In “Documents and Settings” there are now two folders, one for “John Brownlee” (the old one) and one for “John Brownlee PGU246”, which is new (the PGU246 is the computer name)

Fine, that’s annoying, but not the end of the world. I assumed I would be able to copy the contents of JB into JBPGU246 and all would be fine. This kind of works, except that all of my desktop settings (what is in the Quick launch bar, desktop wallpaper, etc.) haven’t been carried over. Worse, opening up Outlook simply presents me with a completely blank mailbox and I can’t find the original emails.

I’m very confused. How do I get all of my original settings, files and email back to the way it once was? Barring that, how can I find my old Outlook email box? Does anyone understand what has happened here?

I have done something similar before. Here are the steps I think you need to take:

  1. Find your old .MBX files or whatever they are called for Outlook (I use OE).
  2. Go into outlook and recreate your folders as they were before.
  3. Shut down outlook.
  4. Copy old .MBX files over the newly created ones.
  5. Start outlook and you should see your mail.

YMMV since I did this with Express.

– Xaroc

Each user has a unique generated identifier number. You can’t change the name back and hope for it to work the same way.

You can try copying all the files from one Profile to the other but you have to make sure that you’re copying all the hidden files also.

C:\Documents and Settings<login name>\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook.

I think it is a hidden folder.

You probably need to log on as administrator to access data in other users proflies.

Thanks for all of the incredibly helpful suggestions. The hidden folders one in particular seems like it might do the trick. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Yeah, everything you want is in that Outlook folder.

Oh, did you just copy it all over manually?

Right click my computer>properites>advanced>user profiles and you can copy from the old user to the new user to get all the settings like quick launch and desktop wall paper. You have to be logged on as someone other than the profile being copied or the profile being, er, pasted.

This won’t bring your email and stuff over, but it will replicate your settings.

Tim, I tried doing that earlier, but all other users were only labelled as “User Unknown” and Copying their profile to another one was not an option. However, all seems well: I copied the files manually and I’m back up and running, with my mailbox restored. Thanks for your very prompt help, guys.