Lost Planet 2 - Spoilers (a.k.a. How to Kill Big Bugs)

Finished the game last night, There’s some real variety in the maps and missions. Even the defense missions didn’t suck!

I really want to run through episode 5 in co-op. Lots of defend and attack missions in different places. I’m also curious how to charge up the laser cannon past first stage.

And since this is a spoiler thread, here’s a tip for 3-3. Did you know the turrets on the lower deck accessible near the coolant stations can take off the protective blisters on Red Eye’s weak spots? You don’t have to waste a round from the deck gun although I think a wraith shell or energized shell will take out the blister and do damage.

Anyone know of a good VS recognition guide? Something that shows a picture and the model names, and the code names would be helpful. I keep forgetting which one self-destructs versus the one that can take over comm posts.