LOST PLANET finally arrived. Anyone up for some multi tonight? I have no idea how things work, I just popped it in.

The only time I played multi was with some guys from here who randomly invited me. It was fun… but one of them was ridiculously good. Who were those people?

I’ve noticed two things so far:

  1. It’s blistering cold out, teh city is covered in ice, so . . . this game feels liek I’m outside.

  2. Even when you can freeze to death outside and inside the characters can see their breath and are all bundled up, they still find a way to have a girl with a low cut top and huge cleavage in the game.

Of course.

Multiplayer on this game is a throw away. All it is is race to the nearest mech, blow shit up, get blown up, repeat.

Even Capture the flag sessions are that, and its not fun. I’m still fighting the Green Eyes in SP…

Bull shit, the multi is crazy fun, the problems with it are ease of use ones (who is chatting when? I dont know!). Mechs are easy as pie to takedown, use the energy gun when he’s flying for a nice laugh (it pops them out of the mech midair) It’s very very chaotic, lots of explosions and insane happenings.

I’m kind ofi sick guapo, but I’ll see if you’re still on right now and play some. We can go through the bullshit to get into the same ranked game or run a player match.

I’m with Moore. If you can get past the inexperience of the developers managing an online game LP is a lot of fun. The huge draw distance and varied terrain are countered by the mechs and grapple. Grenades and fixed turrets are fun and a good equalizer for the mechs. I’m up for LP any time I’m online.

I’ll be up for some after a bit of Vanguard. Hit a couple of big bugs and other
stoppages in Oblivion, so it looks like I’ll have to start over to finish some
quest lines there :(

I could be up for some multi later tonight. It depends when the wife nods off.

Lost Planet may be tonights Friday Night Fight.

Sooooo co-old.

Eh. I’ll hop on, maybe…

Deal! no running to r6! I’m off work because I cna barely lift my head or stay awake for an hour, so I’ll be on as soon as the wife leaves for work and I can break out massive amounts of caffeine and alcohol to keep my eyes open.

Is it sick that I’ll take dayquil to play a game, but not to go to work? I swear its just because I have like 30 sick days booked.

Ehhh, nevermind. My fever is up again, I’m seating bullets and going all dleirous.

Maybe sunday?

Get well soon man.

I fell asleep after trying to get to horse-level in Vanguard. But I have the whole
weekend left :)

I skipped out as well. The wife stayed up later than expected and I haven’t recovered from a sickness earlier in the week. Do it again, preferable while I’m still renting it. Tuesday evening?