Lost Planet Multiplayer Demo on Turkey Day

Last night, I went to see Casino Royale. Before the previews started I saw two video game commercials. They were entirely CG movies promoting Dark Kingdom for PS3 and Lost Planet for 360. The Lost Planet movie said something like “Play the Lost Planet Multiplayer demo, available on XBL this Thanksgiving.”

Since this is one of the most anticipated 360 games on my list, I thought I’d post about it here. If the multiplayer is as good as the single player demo, I’m sold. Hell, even if it isn’t, I think I’m sold based purely on the single player. I think this game could be a huge, system selling hit for 360. My only worry is that I can’t think of any Capcom games that have had solid multiplayer performance. That doesn’t mean there weren’t any. I just can’t think of them.

Discuss, please.

Well, there’s the greatest fighting game of all time, Street Fighter 2. All it’s variants. Power Stone. Final Fight for the SNES. They definitely can make good multiplayer games.

Have you seen the multiplayer footage? It looks gooooood. This game + Mass Effact are what made me want a 360.

I think K0ny was referring to online multiplayer, which has been a bit shakey for Capcom.

I’ll be on tomorrow night to check it out. I’m looking forward to this one and hope the mplayer is solid.

Yeah, that trailer was pretty sweet. I’m not sure it was all CG, though. It certainly looked a whole lot like the Single player demo I’ve played. Sure, it was cutscenes, not actual gameplay- I guess what I’m saying is that it all looked pre-rendered using the game engine and assets, unlike the trailer for Untold Legends (note: I’m not trying to turn this into a PS3vs360 thing), which was definately CG, and bad cg at that.

Is the Lost Planet cinema trailer online anywhere yet? I’d like to see it again.

Yeah, I was definitely talking about online multiplayer. I’m well aware of same-system multiplayer for which Capcom is famous. But can you think of a single Capcom title that has good online versus or co-op multiplayer? I can’t.

I can’t think of a Capcom with any multiplayer online, good or bad. Yeah, there’s a chance it will suck, but I find it more likely that Capcom will pull it off.

Heard two very interesting words about the demo on Larry Hryb’s podcast…

“Volumetric snow.”

So I played a couple rounds of multiplayer on it this morning (my PS3 was giving me quite the dirty look) and it’s pretty cool. There are mechs you can ride that aren’t much bigger than a human. They give you killer firepower but slow down your movement and reloading a lot.

I really like that you can grapple around to get the height advantage on your foe. There were some control points that need to be activated by rapidly tapping the B button. These things always make me nervous because while you’re tapping away, some can sneak up and shoot you.

The environments had a nice size to them and the weather effect seemed really cool. There were also destructible things that came apart nice with some shooting. And boy were the explosions pretty! I hope in the final version of the game, that reticle goes away when you die. There were a number of times I was trying to shoot someone after having been killed for a few seconds. I guess also a better indication that you’ve died might also be in order.

I didn’t see any lag, but I’m guessing there aren’t many people playing Thanksgiving morning.

I played it very briefly early this morning, most of the people online were from Japan it seemed. Didn’t notice any lag even with those conditions.

Yeah, same. Japanese players abound, but there were enough to get a few games going.

I’ve got problems with respawn times. And, the fact that the teams are locked immediately once the game starts.

Otherwise, I’m quite enjoying it.

I don’t know if it was because I had just finished playing CoD3 online but the MP seemed very slow just not nearly as fun as the SP demo had been.

Did this get lost in Rainbowy Gears goodness, or is someone still playing it? I wouldn’t mind trying this out with some likeminded individuals this weekend… if it’s still there of course, and not pulling any region-specific shenanigans, that is.

I think it’s one of those stupid MP demos that doesn’t allow friend invites.

Correct. However, I’m still playing the hell outta it and am rather looking forward to the release.

Is this like Splinter Cell all over again where you guys all thought it didn’t allow friend invites, when in reality almost every game lets you invite directly from the friends list, or does this really not allow invites?