Lost Planet thread?

Anyone else play the lost planet demo? Grapple, guns and mechs! Oh My!

It’s impressive looking and mildly amusing. Problem was, it didn’t keep my interest enough for me to play up to the mech part. I’m assuming there is a mech part in the demo?


I think it was pretty awesome. Controls with a little tweaking are solid, graphics are top notch, combat is suitably visceral. There’s a lot of neat things in the demo, and a few of the situations can be tackled multiple ways. Mechs are great, and I really enjoy that you can remove the guns from the mechs and swap out new ones, or even run around on foot with a mech cannon as one of your guns. My only real complaint in the demo would be that there are a few spots with scripted enemy spawning.

Well, either you didn’t play the Akrid mission for more than a minute, or you didn’t play it at all, because the first mech is in a hangar that’s about a minute to two minutes into the first mission (the one with the aliens).

So, that’s some serious A.D.D. you have, if a game like Lost Planet couldn’t hold your interest that long. I really don’t think anyone not suffering from some sort of concentration disorder would abandon Lost Planet so quickly. It really is that good. This game has climbed onto my “must purchase” list.

I think you should sell your X360, K0NY. You obviously aren’t getting any enjoyment out of it based on your negative comments about GRAW and LP here. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that your S0NY fanboyism has cockblocked you nicely.

Plus there’s a mech in the first 30 seconds of the Snow Pirate level depending on which way you go.

I played it a little and I thought it was pretty cool. The world looks really good and I had fun shooting up the few things I was able to shoot up. But god, do I suck at these games. I think this is good, though. Now I have a free one (ok, part of a free one) to practice with.

Can you shoot the arms and weapons off of mechs? Or kill the pilot and take the mech?

I only seem to be able to kill the mech in total, not just parts as I saw in a trailer. I did shoot the legs off of one of the giant bug in the warehouse though. He was flopping around on his belly, still trying to kill me.

As to shooting the pilot, that you can definately do, but depends on the mech. The first mech of the snow pirates level is open cockpit and you can snipe him and then steal the mech.

New trailer up on IGN. Mix of old and new footage, some of the new footage includes what looks like some sort of tank, a really fast mech, and a flying boss, as well as some brief multiplayer footage. This is one of my most anticipated 360 games, I loved the demo and the footage just looks awesome.

Also, mulitplayer is supposedly going to be playable at Leipzig. Snow pirates of the world unite!

I saw the trailer as well. Looking good. I thought the demo was great. Definitely something I am looking forward to.

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If Kony does own a 360, I’m sure he only plays it so he can pooh-pooh the games on the Internet. Same with any non Sony console, really.

Now now, those are super old posts. Also K0ny has a 360 and has been heavily playing chromehounds.

Lost Planet is everything a console shooter should be.

terminates sound-bite mode


Also, mulitplayer is supposedly going to be playable at Leipzig

The MP demo is supposed to be released after the convention. Here’s hoping.

Am I the only one stoked by the fact that you can blow the legs off of the huge bugs now?

I played the demo once so far. Got a bit confused. What’s the goal? To get to the end? Or to kill everything? Seems like the red spawn orifices do eventually stop spawning if you keep shooting, but it also seems you can choose to run right by 'em. What’s better – kill everything to try to get all the heat you can (but risk running out of ammo), or run as fast as you can to get to the end (but risk dying of cold)?

You want to get to the end. You can blow up the bug nests. Also play the snow pirate level.

Put me down in the wtf? camp. I don’t understand the appeal of this game at all. I only played the e3 demo way back when, but what I saw was very unimpressive. Maybe I downloaded a different demo than everyone else?