Lost Vikings and Rock 'n' Roll Racing are free

Free for everyone!

Non-US folks will need to use a small workaround: at the very bottom-left of the page when you log in you’ll see your region. Click it and change to ‘Americas – English (US)’. Hey presto! You can now access American account services.

Sniff. Loved the Lost Vikings as a kid.

Rock N’ Roll Racing! YES!

It’s showing Blackthorne in there for me now as well. Ah nostalgia!

Blackthorne was made free some time ago.

Also, this is only a ‘lite version’ or RnR Racing which only contains three tracks and, as far as I can say, none of the music the original version had. I guess that’s due to licensing reasons, but without it it doesn’t feel the same.


And, no-one can get quite as mad as Dean can!

Lost Vikings is still the best game Blizzard has ever made.

All the BEST games came out on the AMiGA after all :)

Such truth.