LOTRO: Anyone have an extra buddy key?

Hey, does anyone have an extra buddy key they can PM me? I have a friend who wants to try the game, but I’ve already used the buddy key that came with my copy.


I do. I just have to find the little postcard thingy with the number…

Anyone mind if I derail this a little, as it seems to be sorted? No? Well, thanks! I appreciate it.

I recently came into a bit of cash, so my “I want this, but I have no money” posts should stop for awhile (most likely to be replaced, sometime soon, with a thread asking for suggestions as to what to buy). One of the many things I’m looking into is LotRO. A friend of mine bought it a couple of days ago, so I have access to a buddy code, and if it’s any good I’ll pick it up.

This leaves me with a dilemma, though. If I do, then do I get the European version and play with him (if he sticks with it, which isn’t completely likely considering past experiences with MMOs), or do I faff around and import the US version so that I can play with you lot? I admit, having a larger playerbase I know or at least am linked to in some way is a lot more appealing, but there are other issues.

The first is the hassle of importing it. I should be able to do this, but it might be trickier than I expect. Still, that’s not something I’m too worried about.

What I am concerned about is whether or not it’ll work with a UK debit card, which is how I pay for just about everything. I know that Steam didn’t, for awhile - when I purchased Half-Life 2: Episode One, my card was rejected, though my recent acquisition of Advent Rising indicates that they’ve sorted this out now. Has anyone got any experience with the US version in Europe? Failing that, is there a Europe-based LotRO community that I can tag along with?

Got one! Thanks, Peter!

You’re too slow on the draw, GuildBoss. :)


I’m playing on the European RP server once my ISP fixes my line (again),
and I’m sure there are others scattered across the various servers here.

Turbine are not known to pull a Blizzard when it comes to foreign players,
so you should be safe in importing a US edition. Downloadable purchases
ought to be just around the corner, too, which should definitely tell you if
you can use your third-world credit card :)

You might want to keep on eye on time-zone differences too. There’s quite a few times that I am unable to form or join a fellowship because of the lack of nocturnal Americans.


If anybody needs another I have one available.

You might also want to check whatever email address you used to register the game, as Turbine sent me a second buddy key on May 24. Unless you’ve already used that one, too. ;)

Ok I do not haz buddy key anymore. :)

Enjoy Tiohn :)

I’ve got one available if anyone is interested still!