LOTRO: Begin the fellowship

LOTRO’s world tour ends tom.

Some of you have already pre-ordered, some of you might still be on the fence. I’ve had some time with the world tour and the game has grown on me. So who is getting this, and who already got it?

You guys can also take the time to post your Toons and servers here, just as long as the WOW vs LOTRO discussions can be kept in the other threads.

I will wait for the great unwashed masses to spot some faults and the devs to
fix them at this point in time. But a month or two from now, I might check it out :)

I’ll be picking it up depending on when it arrives here. Since it’s a big deal and published by EA it should be here around a week from release day, so I’ll be in then. Haven’t pre-ordered though.

I preordered it. I can probably get a few months of entertainment out of it.

Preordered and on Nimrondel with the other QT3 folks. I couldn’t pass up the special pricing for pre-ordering. I’m having a great time with it, thus far.

Have pre-ordered and I’m playing on Silverlode with friends. I expect to play it at least until Age of Conan hits. My toons (all on Silverlode) are Belly, Thelion, Garble, Fredolas, and Carmen. I’m open to starting other toons on other servers as I’m a pretty bad altoholic.

I’ve got four characters on Nimrodel pretty much stuck up against the level 15 limit, waiting for the game to officially launch. Hey, Turbine, hurry up and flip the switch!


I’ve got lots of cranky, niggling complaints, but overall I’m enjoying it quite a bit, so I preordered. All of my chracters are on Nimrodel for the Qt3 company. Right now I’m having a lot of fun exploring Ered Luin with my level 9 Dwarf Guardian (Glaerin), but I plan to keep playing my Burglar (Ashwald) and Lore Master (Byrdwyn) as well. Lots to see!

Can’t say I care for it much.

I’ll be getting my copy tomorrow sometime and I’ll at least install it. Dunno if I’ll go near it on live day, but I’ll see ya Wednesday.

I’m still enjoying the epic scale of woodchopping that this game offers.

With today’s pre-order of the CE, I’m definitely in. Any race/class recommendations, though? I’m leaning toward either an elf loremaster or hobbit hunter right now.

It seems like a well done game, and it’s killing me not to preorder it. For personal reasons, I’ve decided to end (er, maybe, “pause,” would be a better word) my MMO addiction with WoW. When I’m out of things to do in WoW, I’m going to try to take a break from the genre for awhile.

I’m sure my resistance will break, eventually, but for now it is strong enough to prevent my preordering.

This really freaked me out, as I saw no EA logos anywhere during the World Tour. LoTRO must be published by EA in some places outside the US, including Dubai. In the US it’s published by Midway, per lotro.com.

There appears to be a decent number of QT3 folk on Nimrodel who have preordered (me included).

John, for the best early game, the hands-down race of choice is hobbits. The Shire is a superlative bit of work guaranteed to suck you into LOTRO. The other races’ starting areas aren’t nearly as good. The elves in particular get shafted.

As for class, they’re all soloable early on. I had the easiest time with my Guardian, since he can go toe to toe with pretty much any three creatures at a time. But the content is laid back enough that I haven’t had any issues with a group being in dire need of a particular class. I suspect this this will change once folks are doing mid- to higher-level content.


Same, playing a Man Captain and an Elf Guardian on Nimrodel. I also have a Hobbit Burglar, but the amount of quests involving “defend” or “oh crap ambush” doesn’t seem to be stealth-friendly.

For personal reasons, I’ve decided to end (er, maybe, “pause,” would be a better word) my MMO addiction with WoW. When I’m out of things to do in WoW, I’m going to try to take a break from the genre for awhile.

Same. I don’t want to leap from MMO to MMO forever. Gonna try to end my association with the genre with WoW. Whether I can stick to that is doubtful, but worth a shot…

Hobbit hunter it is, then. Thanks for the info, Tom.

Yeah, I agree. The hobbit area definitely feels the most “lord of the rings” to me. The elven area is indeed pretty crappy. There’s been a 4 or so level span where I’ve been scrounging for quests. The human area isn’t too bad. I have yet to try the dwarves, but given that it shares some of the same map with the elves I don’t have high hopes. :)

Hunters and defenders are pretty cool. I haven’t really liked my burglar that much. It seems like it might shine in a fellowship setting.

I don’t know, man. That “kill the buzzing gnats and two bears by the Willow Tree” quest has proven pretty much impossible for my Hobbit Burglar alone. I’ve tried it four times now. It’s light blue to me and yet I haven’t been able to figure out how to solo it. I’m ready to say fug it and grab a PUG.

EDIT: Different subject: I agree that the elven area is weak, but I didn’t hate it at all. My favorite character is an elf and I had a good time leveling her up.