LOTRO: Book 2?

I’d love to put together a group to go through all of Book 2 together. Hawksdottir just turned level 28, and from an informal poll of the kinship channel at the time, I think that’s high enough level to go all the way through the book.

I propose Friday, May 25, at 9 Eastern / 6 Pacific.

Anyone interested? This would be a low-to-no spoilers group (ie, Chick Rules in effect – spoilers for bugs only unless you get really stuck).

I think you need to be in the low-mid 20s to get all the way through Book 2, but never having done it before I can’t be sure. :) I’ve done the first chapter or two but would happily take other people through those as a first step.

If I’ve cured my system of the damn crashes I’ve been experiencing, I’m totally down with a Book 2 run.

Nairb is only level 22 right now because of my system troubles, but the upside there is that I’ve earned tons of Enhanced XP. I’m hoping the hardware changes I made over the weekend have worked, and that I’ll now be able to play more than 10 minutes without dumping from the lotroclient.exe.

BTW… I still need those followup Great Barrow quests. I can probably assume you’ve all long passed those, huh?

Snoot the 27 hunter digs the idea, but I’m not sure yet whether Snoots level 1000 wife feels the same way. Count me as tentatively in…

I did the first few solo-able Book 2 quests already, maybe the first group one, I’m not sure. Anyway, I have quests in book 2, 3, and 4 now. I need grouping for all of 'em.

So hopefully you guys will do a run at a time I can play, cause I’d love to. I think I’m on The Red-Pass or something like that.

That’s borderline too early for me to be home from work yet, specially on fun-OMFGMAKESUREEVERYTHINGWORKSBEFORETHEWEEKEND Fridays… but I can try to make it… I’ll even go the extra step and try to do the solo-ish first few chapters…


Shyaen, lvl29 Man Champion willl try to be there.

Wish I could promise though, erratic schedules permitting. I’ve also did the first few quests, but I can pop around to help anyone who needs it. With a group, it can be cleared in 15 minutes tops.

Cool, sounds like we have the makings of a reasonable group. Worst case if we need to troll on the OOC channel to find a Minstrel, we can, but the first several chapters seem totally doable without one.

Don’t forget, this is tonight!

How tough are these quests? My minstrel Sormegrim is 23 now.

23 is high enough to do the book I believe. Hope to see you there!

Missed you guys by that much.

Don’t suppose there are others who want to clear book 2 and see the story unfold.

On an semi-related note, Garth Agawen is a pretty cool place for a dungeon.

I just missed that group last night, too, so I found some random dude and me and him went through the first little bit. I’m certainly up for picking up where I left off tonight!