LOTRO: Combat mechanics

To start with: What’s the low-down on Fellowship Manuevers?

My main is a burglar, and I’m just getting into the stuff that really requires grouping, so I better get this figured out. The once or twice that the FM ring has come up (or I remembered to trigger it), I get frozen looking at all the pretty colors, not quite sure what to do…

Yeah I can just go look this up, but I’d like to get people’s perspective on what works and what doesn’t, how to communicate ahead of time what the group should do, etc…

All Red unless we are almost dead (then its green!) is the guideline I generally use.


With a random PUG in a simple quest that just involves grinding out a bunch of elites, just get everybody to hit the same color. Plan this ahead of time: “Hey guys, when a FM comes up, everybody hit green!”. If you want to get a little fancier, try for 4 of one color followed by 2 of another, or 5+1 or 4+1 or whatever.

What color is appropriate depends on your group composition. Green for heal plus heal-over-time, red for a burst of damage, yellow for damage over time, blue for power. Everybody loves to just hit red, but the amount of damage isn’t really that great, so other things are probably better. The result of the FM is, roughly, based on the colors in the FM, with some kind of bonuses for pulling off the fancy ones.

To participate in an FM, you have to have the right guy targetted, be facing him, and be in range. By clicking on the swirly arrow circle, you can change your target to the right guy. To pick red, you have to be fairly close, unless you are an archer. I think the range on other things is a bit better. If it says “out of range” or “must face target”, don’t panic! You have a few seconds to see which monster has triggered the FM and run over to them.

You can make things more complicated, but I think that covers the basics.

I had a great experience in a PUG last night. Everyone was hitting red, of course - the safe thing to do in a PUG, except the captain character. He’d wait until everyone was done hitting red and nail blue. Three times in a row! Each time we had a Caspar show up and join the party.

It all depends on your group size and to some degree group make up. I really like pairs and fullhouses. I’m usually in 4 or 5 man groups and using pairs/fullhouses of greens/blues are amazing. It fills us up on life and power and we can quickly proceed to the next pull or if we got some unexpected adds then we are refreshed and ready to deal with them.

If the mobs you are fighting are very easy and pose no real threat at any time (even if you pull 3 more) then using red is probably the best way to go. You can get some nice AEs.

My PUG got a length 4 straight just now. I think purely by accident.

Having not played LOTRO, I have no idea what you guys are talking about. Someone want to elaborate for the n00b?

During combat, certain classes can initiate fellowship maneuvers. An icon shows up on your screen with four buttons. Red, blue, green, and yellow. Clicking red is direct damage, clicking blue restores power, clicking green restores morale, and clicking yellow is a DoT. Now, based on the combinations that your group picks, different things happen, as they each bring a different aspect of that color wheel to the move. However, as you are clicking these objects, they show up in order of clicked on the screen, so you can see what everyone else is doing. The goal is to pull out pairs, straights, all one of a kind, all one color, trips, etc. Depending on the pattern, something different will happen.

Erik J.

So it’s a mini game in the game that you can only play when you’re in a fellowship? Interesting.

Keep in mind that these still occur even with a two man fellowship.

Erik J.

There is also a pause of action when a fellowship manuever is initiated, to give people a time window to coordinate and actually pull it off. The length of that time window depends I think on the skill that was used to trigger the fellowship manuever. Sometimes the time window is not very long.

What I’m not sure about is exactly who pauses and when. For certain, the monster that is the target of the fellowship manuever is paused from the time the FM is triggered to the time it is implemented. However, the other members of the fellowship don’t seem to be paused until they actually select their colour.

Also, it seems to me that some monsters (that aren’t the target of the FM) aren’t paused. I seem to recall getting hit repeatedly by monsters while in the paused state waiting for a FM to complete.

It may be the case that everyone involved is paused from the time the FM is initiated, but they can finish animating actions and move, turn, change targets etc during the FM window, but not initiate new attacks. Does anyone have a definitive description of what’s going on here?

It isn’t much of a game. It is just a short test of how coordinated your group is. Can you manage to all hit the same color? Can you manage to hit different colors in a certain order?

I never played it, but didn’t EQ2 have a similar mechanic?

Yeah, and Final Fantasy XI most certainly had something similar (conjunctions?).

Yes, Heroic Opportunities. More elaborate than in LOTRO, though not necessarily “better,” just somewhat more complex.

Ya the paused freezing is annoying. I’ve actually wondered if the 350 or so dmg I see from a full red one at my level might be slighly less than would be achieved if everyone just kept fighting. That’s only 5 combat rounds on my champ.

Yeah, but if you’re the last person in a 6 red flush, hit a green or blue instead for a cooler effect…

While that 350 or whatever you’re seeing may certainly be equal to or lesser than the amount you can individually deal out over the same time period, keep in mind that your participation in the manuever increases the amount of damage dealt by all other members of your fellowship.

So, if I understand it correctly, you could opt out of the FM to deal out, let’s say 400 damage instead of 350, but now instead of a 6-person straight the group does a 5-person straight for 275 per instead of 350 per (all made up numbers). Your extra 50 damage doesn’t offset how much less the FM does without you.


5 Red and 1 Blue, Green or yellow make some nice Unique moves.
Repeat for all the others.

Lots of web pages that show the moves.

The biggest problem is getting people to

a) pay attention
b) click when prompted
c) click correctly, despite being told 3-10 times beforehand

I make a macro on my Burglar, so I tell them waht to click before I activate my move… hopefully they grasp english enough to see what to click.

It’s not always that simple. You have to select the target, face the target and be in range of the target for a red or yellow selection. All this has to be done after any action you were already performing but before the FM timer expires. That’s for FMs that don’t require someone else to play their colour before you can play yours.