LOTRO Europe

I started a new thread, just to keep track of the europeans at LOTRO.

I’m on Withywindle as Falco (warden 18) and Aedan, and I’ll be happy to start a kin, perhaps this weekend?

Let me know if we can get 6 people all in all, since thats what we need to have the kin up and running

I’ll join. Can I revive an old character. I can’t log on to the site without creating a new account.

your old account should be f2p now without you needing to do anything

Ok, I’ll dig out my disks.

I’m in. So far my character is Starless, Elf Hunter. Will also create at least a Captain and probably a Warden.

marxeil: FYI, Withywindle is a new server so you might not be able to revive an old character?

Anyone have any specific requests for a Kin name, or should I just make one up?

Dancers of Battle.

(I’m not in, just being helpful)

I’m interested in starting with LOTRO so colour me interested :)

Any hints/tips on what to play?

Whatever you think is fun :-) Basically, if you want a good solo’er, I’d say warden, guardian or hunter

Loremasters are tough to play until lvl 30 or so, same with minstrels, but - try out a few classes…its pretty fast to get to level 10 and get a feel for the class

Alright, the Kin is up and running and even got itself a name. (Democratically and unanimously decided by all (two) members!)
Come one, come all.

Server: Withywindle
Name of Kin: Wardens of Tharbad

Falco, Hobbit Warden (Razgon)
Starless, Elf Hunter (Hammet)

Ok i’m in, will get in this weekend, bonfire and fireworks tonight though ;p

Oho! Reemul! Nice! Looking forward to seeing you in-game :-)

Btw, we need 8 characters in the kin or it will disband. Hammet and I am currently working on getting alts out of the starter area so that they can join and we can keep the kin, but the more the merrier :-)

I got it installed and updated over the night so will try to logon either tonight or tomorrow.

I just started a level 5 human guardian named Bergham. Of course I’m in, as soon as I get off work tonight. I assume LOTRO is also based on the DPS/tank/healer trinity, so since I’m learning the game anyway I’d be happy to start a different class to help round up the group well.

I’ll be joining up over the weekend as well. I should have a level 40 or so Hunter and a level 25 Minstrel on Evernight so I’ll probably try something different.

I think you should definitely just pick a class you want to play and not care one iota of what other classes has been picked. Most of the time you will probably be playing solo and the times we do get to run stuff together I think most combos will work out well enough.
That said, Guardians are cool and easy to solo with. I’ve started a Captain alt as well.

Hm maybe it is now time to put a bit more time into Lotro. Always dabbled only up untill 25-30 max with my lifetime account so I might as well get a look what changed since I stopped playing. Sicne I do not have any character on that server yet I will have to start over anyway.

Just rolled a Dwarf Guardian, and I’ll be online in a few minutes and over the evening.

Does anyone have the link to what you get as a Premium member?

Also of note is that the shops in town were selling Mines of Moria for about €8 before the announcement of the F2P model, they’re now selling them for €20.

Awesome to see so many interested - I’ll be online in a few hours at, possibly sooner, so please ad Falco to your friends list and give me a holler when you come online, so I can invite you to the Kin.