Is there a seperate hidden forum for the LOTRO folks?

If not, thought about creating one?

shakes head sadly

Any particular reason why this makes you a sad panda?

The reason why I was asking was that I would hate to fill this area up completely with LOTRO threads. Adding to some of the other threads (aka The LOTRO thread) could get topics washed under multiple pages.

This is nothing compared to the amount of WoW threads there used to be.

How’s this, if you see “LOTRO” in the thread title, don’t click it!

Every new hotness deserves its own forum, amiright?

I am playing LOTRO.

Just thought that maybe it would be nice to have a place here where we could discuss LOTRO stuff without interfering with all the other topics of the day.

If you joined in 2005, I don’t how you missed the whole “<new game> is so popular, it deserves it’s own forum!” meme.

I really don’t understand why you guys have your panties all up in a bunch over this.

Please clue me in.

Sport there was a huge discussion a couple years ago about a separate WoW forum. I think there’s lingering angst about it.


This thread is useless without a poll.

Oh, they will.

Microsoft… buys Oblivion?

Goddamnit, I’m sick of all these Morrowind threads.

whoah 2002 flashback…


I hate to ask, but what was the issue?

What we have here is a failure to communicate.

Can we move this post to the Planetside forum?

I still want the Flavor of the Month forum (FOTM for short)

Cause the people on this forum have an attention span of about 15 seconds. A forum devoted to one game will be unused in 2 months.

Because it’s a bad idea, and one that nobody wants to discuss again.

Try looking for threads that have LOTR in the title, there are only a few.

I don’t think anyone is upset about it. It’s just kind of funny.