LOTRO: Knights of Quarter to Three

Here’s a list of the members of our Nimrodel kinship, Knights of Quarter to Three, arranged alphabetically by character name so you can look up who’s who. The asterisks indicate someone who can invite you into the kinship, so look for those folks if you want in. Alternatively, send me a PM and I’ll make arrangements to meet you online.

   Aberlour                       Andrew Myers
   Aeglaros                       Jasper
   Aegolar                        Jasper
*  Alberich                       TomChick
   Anyla                          Dain
*  Aphrodite                      muttbunch
   Arakis                         Jafisob
   Ashwald                        Jason Lutes
   Astromar                       Gary Whitta
   Avrael                         Joddie
*  Azaria                         MythicalMino
   Bayorn                         Dave Long
   Belphor                        Odysseus
   Bludgeon                       mono
   Borus                          MMcGlumphy
   Bradan                         Ryan A
   Bramble                        jedwards
   Bushmill                       Andrew Myers
*  Ceoleren                       Marcin
   Chaucer                        Thomas Wilde
*  Curie                          TomChick
*  Daile                          Lorini
   Dasho                          Deadbuffalo
*  Delia                          TomChick
   Dimmelion                      MythicalMino
   Drakmori                       Belisarius
   Eafe                           Peter Frazier
   Eoeve                          Laralyn
   Fehrwyn                        Saxman_72
   Feyde                          Phred
   Fiddler                        SpaceFish
   Foozilbarmumboz                barstein
   Frobizzmus                     barstein
   Gaze                           Belisarius
   Georic                         Geo
   Grymee                         Mark Crump
   Gunnar                         balut
   Gunnar                         balut
   Hagard                         AndrewM
*  Hawksdottir                    Xemu
   Houngan                        Houngan
   Ildanor                        quatoria
   Jehu                           Ryan A
   Kilrak                         Andre Costa
   Laphroaig                      Andrew Myers
   Leggylas                       Banzai
   Limmsayes                      extarbags
   Liza                           Laralyn
   Lysryl                         Erik J.
   Maelerand                      Marcin
   Merien                         Laralyn
   Morgwyn                        Jason Cross
   Mourte                         DocThompson
*  Nairb                          Gladguy
   Oburon                         Oburon
   Oldsilent                      TheRock
   Oldtankadon                    TheRock
*  Ordaric                        Ezdaar
*  Orland                         BitterCynic
   Panawiewien                    jedwards
   Pendamoth                      Poops McGee
   Pirowyn                        Mike Jamieson
   Polko                          Hawkeye Fierce
   Prufrock                       Ryan A
   Quaquam                        Soapyfrog
   Robostonus                     Rob O'Boston
   Roflolimli                     JamesP
   Sedric                         Sedric
   Sehndel                        Saxman_72
   Serthelion                     Dave V
   Shyaen                         Equis
   Skulkwise                      quatoria
   Snoot                          spacerat
   Sormegrim                      Mike Jamieson
   Strummo                        strummer
   Talisker                       Andrew Myers
   Tarsier                        Mister Widget
   Terd                           Myth
   Thorbarten                     Darkstep
   Thornwise                      quatoria
   Toldric                        Vesper
   Totho                          Mister Widget
   Toun                           wisefool
   Trestolt                       John Reynolds
   Vandemar                       Scott
   Verynn                         TyQt3
*  Vortigern                      Ryan A
   Wane                           triggercut
*  Wilbur                         Peter Frazier
*  Wulfbur                        AndrewM
   Xemu                           Xemu


If I wasn’t already part of the Something Awful guild on Silverlode, my four characters and I would join you like Oscar on you or something.

Good luck with it though!

I’ll be joining up soon as I get my thingee installed.

— Alan

It’s downloading, at a pretty good clip no less, 700k/sec.

I have several characters on other servers but since I have no idea if we can transfer them I’m going to roll a new one in Nimrodel right now. Probably a Champion.

Is this game out, or is it an open beta, or what? Also, I hope the rest of this game is better than the guild invitation system, for all our sakes.

Open beta. Until April 24, I think.

Shouldn’t you be at the gym training for your fight with Apollo Creed?

It’s open beta, so anyone can play by clicking on the World Tour option, but the level cap is 15. However, if you preorder, you get to transfer your character from the beta to the full game when it’s released on the 24th. So, basically, it’s kinda sorta out.


What? What is that even supposed to mean?

And: link to sign up for/download the beta?

Edit: nevermind the last bit.


I have an Hunter on that server, names Orland.

I’m on now, just did the whole proorder stuff, I like the game.

And just as I’m sending you a tell, you log off, thanks Tom.

Ok, I’m downloading it now. I’ll let you know when I’m logging on, though there’s a pretty good chance it won’t run well/at all on my computer and I’ll be quitting within mere minutes.

Edit: nice, the bittorrent download, which offers “the fastest speeds” according to Turbine’s site, is delivering a whopping 2k/s. The downloading app? 480k/s. Good call, guys.

Extar, you’ll be pleased to find that LOTRO can be very easy on the hardware. It’s retro-system-friendly!


Alright then! How’s the game so far? Is it going to make me want to play past the free beta?

Ha ha, BitterCynic’s character is a “Man Hunter”. Heh heh.


Downloading now…

Extar, there’s another thread where folks are arguing about whether it’s any good. My limited impression is a hearty thumbs up. But then again, I was digging Vanguard for a while, so what do I know?


Move to Silverlode!


Interested to check it out but without pvp I doubt it will grab me for long.