LoTRO- the crafting and trading thread

Okay people, hang on to your purple drops and dispose of them here!
I’ve made up an incomplete list of which crafts need what drops:


Dirty Neekerbreeker Eye
Dirty Shrew Claw
Dirty Hendroval Talon
Blackened Huorn Heartwood
Dusky Huorn Heartwood
Flawed Huorn Heartwood
Scarred Huorn Heartwood
Very Sharp Bear Claw
Extremely Sharp Cave Claw Claw


Small Wight Barrow Treasure
Diminutive Wight Barrow Treasure
Dusky Lynx Claw
Orthodox Wight Barrow Treasure
Shimmering Wight Barrow Treasure
Huge Wight Barrow Treasure


Clean Barghest Tail
Dirty Shrew Claw
Blacked Huron Root
Dusky Lynx Claw
Large Warg Tail
Decrepit Wight Skull


Huge Worm Eye
Huge Spider Eye
Scarred Worm Eye
Scarred Spider Eye
Dirty Spider Eye
Dirty Toad Eye
Dirty Neekerbreaker Eye
Blackened Spider Eye
Blackened Crawler Egg Sac
Flawed Huorn Heartwood
Flawed Spider Eye
Flawed Warg Ear


Dirty Neekerbreeker Eye
Blackened Barghest Ear
Dusky Lynx Claw
Jagged Bear Claw
Sharp Auroch Tail
Very Sharp Lynx Claw
Huge Drake Tail




I’m after any woodworking stuff and I’m happy to offload any parts to other people who put their hand up. Let me know what craft you intend to work up to mastery and then people can throw their junk at you (or at least offer a wholesale price).

I’m an Explorer so I think I, what, can send everything off to others?

However, my Guardian will be an Armsman, but that’s a bit away … so I have Rowan, Copper and Tin to spare right now.

Weaponsmith here (Totho in-game).

I have an explorer, which means tailoring. I’ve had a lot of trouble coming up with enough skins to really advance. I should probably hit the auction house.

Yeah, except people put ridiculous prices on their goods. I can’t wake for the economic shakedown that’s going to occur.

Talisker is an explorer (ie, tailor, prospector, forester). Definitely planning to run tailoring all the way up (prospecting/foresting too, but those should be easy).

I’ve got:

Merien, scholar
Liza, tinker
Eoeve, explorer

Cheswick - Tinkerer

The Wight Treasures are used in the mastery recipes (they give a 50% chance of completing the extra awesome piece) and I’ll gladly send along any resulting bracelets or rings that come from your treasures.

What skills do tinkers have?

Jeweler, Cook, Prospector.

Oh crap… I’m a Scholar, and I sold off all the Spider Eyes I had. Didn’t know that I could use them.

I don’t get this whole crafting thing at all.

I was the same.
Then I actually got my hands on some neeker-beeker eyes and had none of them do anything.

They’re really determined to make sure that crafting is something that you only do when you have extra time and money on your hands from adventuring.

Baerd - scholar

BTW, scholar is the most grindy of the professions, as you can only get the materials at ruins, and there aren’t a lot of ruins per trade skill level. Being in the elf-lands, there are two ruins that hold scholar materials - each ruin spawns one node every 3-5 minutes, and you need to collect about 100 nodes to get to the first crafting level. After that, to master the first crafting level, you need another 150-200 nodes - so this means a whole lot of time camping ruins with other scholars, hoping to beat them to the node.

Personally, I think it might be best to forget about scholar for now and pick it up in a few weeks when the initial rush dies down a bit.

I think it is more than they are determined to get crafting to work only when they have extra time and money on their hands from getting adventuring to work. Though maybe it is only farming and cooking that are totally broken right now, and the rest works the way they want.

Ya it’s a stupid system setup where you can’t see what the pieces are used for until you actually have mastery of the trade. I suppose marking each piece with the trade it was for was a lot more time consuming than they were willing to put in for the usefullness it would bring.

Sort of like designing the economy.


I’m focusing more on metalsmithing than tailoring. I’ve mastered tier 1 and will happily make any kinship members basic bronze for their guardians or quests sans charge since I have so many components stockpiled (like 25 leather bindings, ingots, plates, and chains) from the mastery process.

As soon as I mastered apprentice I felt like such a fool for selling off all those purple trophies.

I have two bags filled with nothing but purple items, even though I had no idea how they would be used. I guess it pays off sometimes to be a packrat. :)

I got rid of some of my purples because I’m broke in the game and I wanted to buy some skills. But I have a Forrester (woodworking) so I’ll start holding on to everything and sending off what I can’t use. Oh, character’s Morgwyn, btw.

I should just dump them in the bank. I forget what they call the bank in LOTRO.


Tharic - Weaponsmith

Just got going on my crafting last night. I have a lot of purples I’ve been hording, so I’ll be sharing the ones I don’t need with others.