LOTRO to relaunch as free to play?


so, I reinstalled this weekend. A few quick questions:

  • I have two characters, a level 50 Hunter and a 53 guardian. The guardian has the goat mount. Given my sole intention is to just see the zones and the story, I assume the hunter is better class for me.
  • Assuming the hunter is the choice, is it worth grinding out the goat mount rep or will I just be out of Moria by then anyway?

I stayed in Moria until I was 65 or so, cause I wanted to do everything in there. I would think a Hunter is best due to the travel skills it has available, but a Guardian would probably be a better choice if you wanted to easily get groups. So it depends what you want to do most, solo play -> hunter, Being able to do group content -> Tank/Healer (Guardian).

I believe you can get Goat mounts “easy” somehow now? Might be possible to pickup a goat from the yule-event, but not sure you’ll get enough coins since it ends tomorrow I believe.


I have generally sucked at Tanking, and if I was going to get into it, I think I would wait until another legendary server opens.

I have thought about the guardian for tanking, but fear the gear grind when I hit cap.

I also need to check my reps. I might be close enough to get the mount from Thorin’s hall.


There is a bunch of ‘daily’ missions near the forge area in Moria where you can do repeated instances for reputation stuff. Forgotten what that area was called, at 51 you might be a bit low level for it though.

I wonder if my goat came with pre-order, cause I can not recall a quest-line for it. Suppose you could buy one from the Turbine store? :-)

Haven’t tried tanking on my guardian either, he’s my lowest level character (and shortest, being a dwarf), but it seemed decent enough on the Warden. Was thinking to level a Beoring due to their ability to tank, heal(?) and dps. — like Druids in wow. So the ultimate solo+group class. Just a shame I’ve invested 11+ years into my Burglar and accomplishments/progress doesn’t track across all characters – if it did, I would swap characters all the time and enjoy more of the game.

But if you do not like tanking, go with the Hunter. That and Captain are probably best solo classes.


I am about 3-400 Turbine points short of the goat, and don’t really feel like putting money into LOTRO right now. I own up to Isengard, at the least, so I have quite a bit of content ahead of me.

I did think of reading one of the guides on grinding out some turbine points.


I would give you my goat, but I haven’t played in several years.


I haven’t made much progress since my last post, but I am enjoying the game. I am debating going to one of the Legendary servers and starting there since at least groups in the low-level stuff should be a LITTLE easier to find.


Seems like stuff is happening on the development side.


Some other notable tidbits and teases from the stream include the confirmation of a Minas Morgul expansion raid, several paths from the current game world to the upcoming Vales of Anduin, and additional confirmation about the upcoming Rohan housing. In addition, the 64-bit client is wrapping up its early test server run and should be moving to the public test realm (Bullroarer) within a couple of weeks.


Oh, finally some talk about a 64-bit client. Maybe we’ll get it less than 8 years after WOW had their 64-bit engine.

Hopefully that means no more asset-loading-unloading lag when on the warsteed. Gonna have to go back to Rohan and ride around to the awesome music:

Just a shame most of the warbands will still require a group, and doubt you’ll find anyone doing “old shit”. Suppose you could solo at least some of the warbands, but others will still two-shot you. RIP quests…

Expansion sounds good also.


25% discount on select mounts in LOTRO until tomorrow, @Mark_Crump might be a chance to get that Goat you wanted!

12 year anniversary festival until May 15th or something also.


I may grab it, thanks!


No goats for sale unfortunately, atleast couldn’t see any with the discount.

Just ran into a Concert:


You can get a goat for 70 Mithril coins, not sure how you get those outside of buying them tho’.
From the anniversary horse trader in bree.


I’m like 98% certain you can get a goat from a early moria quest.

Yeah this one.


Kin with Thorin’s Hall gets you a goat for a few gold

Though I think you know that. For my 1 character that didn’t get to kin through questing, I spent a couple of hours in Sarnur… you need Ancient Dwarf damage to rack up the rep in the deeper parts of it.

Not sure about the Moria quest goat, but with this one its speed is increased if you buy the journeyman horse skill to 78%


I need to check my rep, although on my hunter the odds are low.

I may just sub for a month which gives me 500 points and access to legendary servers.


Thanks for the reminder! I need to hop back in game for a few nights and grab all the Anniversary stuff for this year.


The fireworks this year was a big letdown, previous years you get a reuseable item… this time, a cool bird, but only 4-5 uses. Have to remember to use my ‘stone coins’ or w.e. they are called before event ends, as they can only be used during anniversary event.


I am enjoying the game quite a bit. I did roll a toon on one of the legendary servers, but I am not sure I am going to stick with it. I am far enough behind the progression curve that catching up might be hard.

I am mostly playing my hunter, but will switch back and forth between the hunter and guardian. If nothing else, each play session I will take advantage of the VIP 30% boost on the 3 toons.


BIt the bullet and bought the Beoring. Might have to use my level105 boost on it, since I do not want to grind all those levels anew, even if I have a permanent 75% xp bonus, at least until 65 or 75. Shame those xp.bosting items you got in the past only lasted until that expansion, which by now is several levels later.

Suppose I could be more efficient and do current content and not -10 levels stuff to get up quickly, but then I’m missing all the quests am I not.

But with all the content, doubt I’ll have time to play the Beorning much either, Burglar still needs to complete so much.


How are you getting the bonus?