LOTRO to relaunch as free to play?

Take your time and enjoy it.

Moria is when I lost interest and quit. Mostly because the level design got repetitive.

Moria is…well Moria. Completely underground with a roof above you. There are varied environments though and some changes to quest pace.

My fast route through Moria is probably the following:


-Great Delving quests until you get your starter mount and reach the first major hub area.
-21st Hall quests, including the middle area Zelem-Mekel “explore” quest chain which leads directly to
-The Redhorn Lodes, which leads directly to
-The Flaming Depths
-First Hall quests to leave Moria behind for good (by around lvl 55)


-Silvertine Lodes, which is the first major area after you get your goat.
-Durin’s Way, which is terrible maze of hallways that all look alike.
-Waterworks. Water areas in games are always bad. This is no exception.
-Foundations of Stone. The last quest area in Moria with alien shit inside.

I’ve taken 4 characters through Moria and I’ve already done everything there before so if I want go fast, this takes a day or two.

Oh, no. I think this thread hooked me again. I decided to roll a Lore Master and try a pet build on Sunday night, and now it’s Tuesday and I’ve got her up to level 20-ish. Every time I think I’m done with this game, I get pulled back in.

I haven’t played in like six months but I booted my 120 Warden and reached the Gladden Fields (Vales of Anduin)

I don’t have the quest packs for the northern areas(non-VIP) so I am limited to the Black Book of Mordor quests which I suppose is fine. I realize I have a lot of LOTRO points stacked up. Nearly 3,000. I’ll probably pickup the Morgal Vale once it hits the points store. (like I did Mordor)

You guys need to stop talking about this like it’s still good. You’re making me look at it wistfully, and I probably don’t have time for a timesink like this!

It doesn’t have to be a timesink, which is one of the things I love about it. Log in, do a few quests, log out.

If you’re interested in those northern quest packs, there should be a sale coming soon on all regions and quest packs. They always do a sale sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas where the expansions are all marked down (in the real money store) and then region and quest packs are discounted (in the LOTRO points store). It’s a great time to fill in the gaps if you’re ready to move forward in the content.

Absolutely. I’ve been playing that way off and on since they went F2P years ago. Sometimes I’ll go months between play sessions, and sometimes I’ll get hooked again and play nearly every night for weeks on end. It’s easy to pick up where you left off. Occasionally I’ll be gone during a period where they make dramatic changes (like when they changed traits a while back) and I’ll return to find I need to reallocate points/skills/etc., but it never takes long to get back into the groove again.

Still my favorite MMORPG. Does no one do Skrimishing anymore? I always enjoyed the quick gameplay of those.

With classic wow done cause of stupid blizzard HK action, this may be the time for a LotR resurgence.

I think i had characters on Landroval and Nimrodel. Where are people active these days?

Arkenstone is where the remnants of “Knights of the QT3” ended up after all the server restructuring years ago. Not many of us even semi-active anymore these days though.

I do them as much as I can.

But I’d rather do them in a party, but I just cba to use LFG chat for it, even if that works most of the time… would just rather queue for it, have the party filled, and off to adventure, while i’m busy doing something else.

Was thinking about maybe firing up the old vmware workstation again and start up my old “alt” accounts to multibox skirmishes with 3 characters.

Was there an actual backlash against Bli$$ard for kowtowing to China? Awesome.
Even if it is about 18 years too late to keep that beast in the box.

I meant for me personally, and i know of a number of folks here who quit classic wow because of HK. I wasnt suggesting that wow classic was closing or anything, just that it appears to be over for many of us here and that we might take an interest in a new mmo.

I find it difficult to play MMOs and RPGs on a really casual basis - partly because when I get enthusiastic about a game, I want to really dive into it. And if I play too sporadically I’m always trying to remember what I was doing last!

I’m right there with you charlatan. Also, regular play is part of the fun of an MMO for me - having the same people around, building those relationships, guild chat, the social parts of the game that aren’t the same with drop in multiplayer games.

Ye olde online gaming community spaces that I feel like have largely died off and have been replaced with instant action stranger danger matchmaking systems. I felt the same way about shooters with dedicated public servers. I would often visit the same servers for Tribes and TFC/TF2, and the same people would be playing there every night.

I don’t hate it…but I did tire of it. I think it’s just because it’s so…brown. Like, all brown, all the time. I need a BIT more color than that, so I finished up some old quests, and in reading this list:


I made my way to the Misty Mountains, which is ever so neat.

Yeah, I do Misty Mountains to lvl 45 and then move on to Eregion, which is technically a lvl 48 zone, but who cares. Eregion is also super smooth free sailing when it comes to questing. Travel routes everywhere. Mostly flat lightly forested prairie lands and old elven ruins.

I will keep that in mind.

That said, I wanted a change of pace, and noticed in my quest log I’d completely forgotten about the epic/book quests, so I jumped back on that horse, which put me in Rivendell.

I’d completely forgotten just how fucking pretty Rivendell is. Wow.

So I’ll likely do these epic quests for a spell then jump back to the Misty Mountains.

So fun, so much to do!

I hate many of you. But I have a couple of questions.

If I wanted to make a class for mostly low-stress leveling and running around, would a so called Blue Line Loremaster do the trick? I don’t need to kill super fast or tackle insanely challenging stuff, but I’d like to be able to stand up to tougher mobs and to do what I mostly please. And I do like me some pet classes. Other choices? It would be icing on the cake if the class was useful at endgame but let’s be honest - I ain’t making it there so that’s more of an academic question than an applied one!

I’ve got a Premium account but I guess I’ll probably sub for a couple of months and create a bunch of toons and enter the world with each so they get the VIP unlocks.

Is there any particular US server I should pick? Took a while but I found my existing toons on… uh… Arkenstone, I think. I dunno anyone who’s playing except people who occasionally post here.