LOTRO to relaunch as free to play?

And all the 64-bit naysayers were proved wrong yet again.

Yea, if it wasn’t for the 64-bit client I doubt I’d bother to play it much, since the performance issues with the old client were… just so god damn annoying.

Is the 64-bit client a special thing to run or no? I would like to use as many bits as possible.

Nope, it’s the default now, though in the launcher you can select the old 32-bit launcher if you want.

Maybe farming and cooking? All it requires is money and time.

The other crafts require farming materials in the world. (craft nodes, enemy drops, chests, etc) Materials for farming (all tiers) can be purchased from a Supplier NPC. From crops you can turn into ingredients to make food. Also food is useful for any class.

I don’t think there’s much need for crafting at this point. Maybe Scholar or, yeah, Cooking for the consumables. But even there it’s a pretty marginal improvement.

I take gathering professions just to sell for some extra coin, and then by the time crafted items become useful, I have more than enough gold to buy them.

End game craft weapons are cost prohibited to buy. Also there is something about crafting your own legendary first age weapon.

Been playing a fair bit on a Loremaster (Charlatan). New level 17 so I’ve started hitting a few things left and right that tell me I can get upgrades in the store… like trait and virtue slots… if I sub for a month each toon I log in with will have all the lotro store things unlocked permanently, right?

I don’t really need any quest packs until I get to 65 or so, I believe I bought all of them a couple of years ago.

Is there anything in particular I should aim to do while I’m subscribed?

So when you’re subscribed, the main thing is getting all the slot unlocks, wallet, etc on login. Really the only other major thing is horse riding skill at level 20. It is a quest that is only available while VIP/subscribed, but the kicker is YOU MUST BE LEVEL 20. Otherwise you have to buy it from the store.

As far as quest packs, IIRC it is free to lvl 30 right? Lonelands…I own all the original zone quest packs so I dunno. If you can get to lvl 65 that means you have Moria and Mirkwood I take it. After that is Isengard and thereabouts to 75. Then all of Rohan to…yup 95! Gondor 100. Mordor to 115. Northern areas to 120. Return to Mordor in the latest expansion to 130.

OK, I give in.

Can’t remember the last time I played, but it has probably been at least two years. I first signed up at launch!

@roguefrog thx for the info. I already bought the horse riding skill from the store and bought a horse using the coin I got from a daily login present.


I see it is a bit outdated though

I reinstalled finally after some issues, but can’t remember what server I have my alts on. What server are most of you using these days?

EDIT: Nvm, I found them on Landroval.

If anyone’s far enough along there’s a sale on LOTRO points. It includes a task item “carry-all” similar to to the crafting item bag that came out a month or so ago. I find it to be handy.

Also, somewhat controversial on the LOTRO board is a new 5000 LP bundle in the store to ramp up an imbued legendary item. Many of you who post in this tread are pre-level 100, so you haven’t encountered those. Imbued legendary items (ILI’s) become a big grind starting in early Gondor, but that grind can be managed if you know what to expect and plan ahead. Yeah, it’s still a grind, but you can incorprorate it into deeds. tasks, and rep.

This new item removes much of the grind. Hence the ptw outrage by some. But I bought one for some perhaps future character I may play :)

I spent 8 bucks last night just to pick up areas for my toon. Deed running keeps me in enough points normally.

I’m sorely tempted by the 25-pack of slayer boosts for 1500 points. Those really speed up the grind.

The key to minimizing unwanted LOTRO expenditures is to stack up a list of videos on a 2nd machine. Keeps me, for example, from going VIP just to get the instant travels.

Funny, I just tried to do that to see if I could, and couldn’t split my focus.

Quest packs Where Dragons Dwell and Legacy of the Necromancer are 75% off this week. Those are the two that I’ve been saving up LOTRO points for, so I’m a happy guy. 2800 LP down to 700 is a helluva deal!

Also the High Elf is 1/2 off this week, if you need that.

Is it a reasonable strategy to just buy anything that’s marked way down? I’ve already got most everything that’s 60 and below.

If you’re talking about expansions, then yes…assuming you’ll get around to playing them.

If you’re level 60-ish and beyond Siege of Mirkwood, Riders of Rohan is the next step IIRC.

My experience is that the amount of content after Moria / Lothlorien dwarfs the amount of content before that. Two Towers and RoTK content make up FAR more than 2/3’s of what’s available overall. So if you want to go past lvl 60 or so you’ll want them.