LOTRO to relaunch as free to play?


This should be in bold caps on the splash pages

Yeah, X makes it auto-pan to whatever you’ve got focused. It’s annoying, though I suppose someone must find it useful.

I use it occasionally , but yeah - mostly I want full camera control.

Thank you all!

That’s what I did as I was stupidly pressing buttons to, uh, get off my horse. :D (Yes, I found the dismount button. Did I mention the interface is a bit small?)

Most of the UI elements are adjustable. Just look at the bottom of the UI settings…should be a bunch of sliders to adjust sizes.

Sadly I found if you enlarge the UI even a little bit the text begins to get blurry. Ugh.

Hmm. never noticed the text becoming blurry, but think I maybe have it reduced in size?

(testing new reshade settings vs default look of the game).

The big news in the World chat is the coupon code LOTROFREEQUESTS leaked out; it appears to give you the quest packs for free that were going to be offered as 90 pt purchases?

Boom, got em! It unlocks the whole enchilada. I only had a couple of locked quest packs left to get, but I guess I have them now.

Yup, worked like a champ:

Thank you!

Hokey smokes, Batman. Thanks!

(What are the odds that SSG doesn’t say “Nope” tomorrow though…)

That… was my thinking as well.

I mean, if they let me keep them, that more than makes up for them not letting me transfer my toons back from Nimrodel.

That seems like it would be a weird thing for them to do.

I wonder if they’ll do something similar for DDO.

I will say this: I am under the impression that SSG doesn’t have many/any people working CS/Accounts type roles, it doesn’t appear. It would probably take them months to track down all the peeps who used that coupon code, and for little benefit if these were areas/quests/content they were going to sell anyway for 99 LOTRO points.

Of course the server is down when I want to login to check.

The coupon Illuminati strikes.

All this talk of free quest, made me want to play again. reinstalled the client but for some reason, I can’t see the 64 bit version of the client in the options. I only see the 32bit choice. I do have a 64bit windows.

Their forum is very useless to help me. I want to enjoy twice the bites!
Any one had that problem before?

Here’s what I did:

Download the client.

Start LOTRO.

On that little launcher screen popup thingy, look at the buttons on the very top. Next to “Support” and “EN” (for English, I think) there’s a down arrow button. Click it.

Choose “Options”.

Go to the “General” tab at the top of the options popup.

At the bottom, select “64-bit client (NEW, Beta!)”

That’s what I did too, but it’s not there. Well… was not there. I can see it now.

I think it was because the server were down. When I tried again a minute ago, I saw the patcher download more stuff and now I see it.

Probably the launcher you can download from the website is not the latest version, and needed to patch or something.

From my account page, I can see I didn’t play this in 6 years.

Anyway, thanks!