LOTRO to relaunch as free to play?

That’s my modus operandi. Even the Epic questlines can mostly all be done solo

Awesome! Thanks.

Oh yeah I only solo and it’s great.

I miss me some LOTRO… I may go back and play my two handed guardian (originally that was not a thing) and play up to the end.

Is there a crazy QT3 guild?

I know I used to be in a Qt3 guild in LOTRO back in the day. But a quick search for ‘guild’ in this thread shows it hasn’t been mentioned in over a decade so I’m assuming it’s kaput. Still, after watching some of the new series I’m needing to wander me some Middle Earth hills and valleys so may start a new account (no idea about my original one) and give it a try.

Edit: ooooh! Found the email my old account was on! Now I have to figure out what expansions I need and if subscribing gives you all of them (I didn’t think it did).

It’s not kaput. If you’re playing on Arkenstone, I can send you an invite. It’s not super-active, but people wander through now and then.

Ooh, I’ll try Arkenstone. Looks like my old chars are on Landroval but maybe I have some on Ark if that’s where the guild was.

Is there a way to adjust the popup menu size? Everything else I’ve been able to adjust but when I try the better resolutions above about 1920x1280 the popup menus (like Options and even quest info/dialogue is super tiny. I’ve adjusted to the max any UI sizes I can find but not this. What button/toggle am I missing?

Press Ctrl+/ to enter UI editor mode. You might be able to adjust things.

I’m not sure if you can, and it’s frustrating. I don’t think they designed that stuff for 4k monitors. I gave up. I can’t even read my inventory.

I read thru some messages on the Steam boards and it doesn’t seem you can change those menus. I can play at 1920x1280 and read stuff ok on my TV (used as monitor), but that’s a good as I can get the resolution and still have the game playable.

Yeah my 4k monitors are often what keeps me from firing it up. Are legendary servers still a thing? I just started LOTRO and it said my server is closed but given the 4k monitors, the dialogue boxes to transfer are a little messed up.

They closed one of the legendary servers. Anor.

Appreciate it, that was my legendary but the options to transfer weren’t the legendary options from what I could tell. Anyway, thanks for that info.

It’s that time again. If you’re late to the game there is now a code for you to unlock a bunch of quest packs:


Oooh, nice. I haven’t really been playing this like I thought but nice to have these. Though I think I might already have many from earlier expansion purchases. But with the way their DLC is setup I have no idea, hehe.

I think a lot of these are new to “giveaway status” as they include a lot of the incremental content that has been released between the last couple of expansions.

This Coupon Code will grant the following to your game account:

Quest Pack: Central Gondor
Quest Pack: East Gondor
Quest Pack: West Gondor
Quest Pack: Old Anórien
Region Pack: Far Anórien
Quest Pack: March of the King
Quest Pack: Battle of the Black Gate
Quest Pack: Legacy of the Necromancer
Quest Pack: Where Dragons Dwell
Quest Pack: The Vales of Anduin
Quest Pack: Mists of Wilderland
Quest Pack: The Wildwood
The Further Adventures of Bilbo Baggins
Quest Pack: The Blood of Azog
Quest Pack: Rangers and Ruins
Quest Pack: Yondershire

Looks like Mordor, War of Three Peaks, and Minas Morgul expansions are 99 points each on the LOTRO store as well.

Even more important, though: all the storage and inventory slots are on sale right now. Just bought myself 20 more shared storage slots and 25 more bag space slots…more space for more stuff that I can forget what it is!

Oh! Thanks for that. I’ve been waiting a long time for another sale on inventory and storage.

Quest Pack: Rangers and Ruins
Quest Pack: Yondershire

These are actually two new lower level zones for the game. So even if you have a high level toon you might not have these, which might be a good idea if you decide to level up a new toon.