LOTRO to relaunch as free to play?


Did that a few months ago. Woooorth it.


Indeed :-)


Yeah, I’ve got the Eriador and the Elf Ambassador 68% mounts. I use them in tighter quarters where the warsteed would just get hung up on the geometry and rubberband, negating any speed advantage.

I’ll still probably get the Dragon mount. It’s really nice to look at. ;-)


These are just riding mounts, not mounted combat mounts. You can’t do mounted combat with them…that’s a whole separate thing when you get to Rohan. These have fixed appearances.


OK, that makes sense. So I assume the Unflagging Dragon barding for sale by the festival horse vendor is just to make your current war steed look the same as the regular Steed of the Unflagging Dragon Anniversary Mount?

Saving up the 70 tokens now for one last festival horse (probably Steed of Odogil cause I like the tack on it) then it’s back to Mordor now that my legendary sword is reforged and I’m ready to progress the Book quests.

I would love to try and finish the Year One Anniversary event quests if anyone of sufficiently high level is on sometime over the weekend and has the time and desire to babysit Slainte for a bit in the big scary bits of Middle Earth required to finish the quests. =)


Really pissed me off yesterday when I was trying to find some pieces in pre-battle Osgiliath on my warsteed, considering I am level 94 and everything aggros and more than two mobs means I’ll be dead… The engine/server/whatever needs to be fixed so War-steeding is actually playable.

And the game has started to crash a LOT lately… :(

Fun thing I had occur the other day; Was in my house where I have a huge beer kegl from one of the events… and I decided to get a drink. Suddenly my screen goes black and I get the loading screen, and find myself waking up in a totally different place (Forochel) in the middle of the snow, without any pants.


Anywhere too close to Minas Tirith will cause loads of crashing. That’s been widely reported since it was introduced to the game.


I put one of those in the Guild Hall of the Knights of QT3 long ago. It caught many unaware victims.


Yup, Minas Tirith is the Tower of Crash. I think I crashed a dozen or more times just going through the Forloooooooooong quest line


Found a group for doing one of the Year 3 instances, and we decided we might as well do all of them in one go :)
Hashtag: inventoryproblems.

Only managed to record half of it, but was nice to revisit some old instances. Had forgotten how huge Carn Dum was.

Bit annoying that, even though you were 30+ levels above the content, the mobs in there could still steal your hit points - makes it harder to solo “spelunk” content on down-days, or just to finish some achievements/deeds. But I guess that is what multiboxing is for. Haven’t run my LOTRO multibox setup for years now, so probably have to redo it all.


Had a very productive day yesterday! Started off by finding Festival Horse Barding as a rare drop off an envelope in the Anniversary Invitations repeatable quest. Since I have no war-steed as of yet, it goes into the bank unopened (to save inventory space). Once I’d finished the round of anniversary stuff for the day, I saw in LFF that a couple of guys were looking for more to run all the Garth Agarwen quests. Joined their group and we proceeded to spend around 90 minutes running all three instances and knocking out Grimbark, Ivar and the Red Maid. That was very entertaining!

This not only completed a couple of quests I’d had sitting in my quest log for months, but allowed me to visit the final two locations to finish the Lone Lands explorer deed, which in turn finished the entire set of Lone Lands deeds, thereby officially “closing” Lone Lands for me in my personal goal of completing content as I progress. I also managed to kill the 50+ Hillmen I still needed to complete the Enmity of the Hillmen Rank 2 deed, resulting in my acquiring the final Man racial trait, Strength of Morale. I slotted it and it came in pretty handy during the Red Maid fight. Very profitable run as well, lots of cash loot and the Dwarf-bound Lootbox and key from the deed completion plus a second Dwarf-bound Lootbox and a second key as random drops during the adventure. Nabbed 30 Steel Tokens as well, which I may use to buy a Legendary Gift Box to see what nice LI boost I can get.

Speaking of which, later in the evening I finished the Volume 2 Book I quests granting me access to Moria and unlocking the ability to identify and slot more Legendary Items. Good thing too, as I found a piece of loot that when used allowed me to choose any Third Age LI, so I grabbed a Champion Rune which is hopefully better than the default one the Book quest gives you (I still need to identify them both). With Moria unlocked I am ready to move forward, but first I want to return to Angmar and finish the Volume 1 quest line. I also still need to complete a handful of quests and deeds in Evendim, Forochel, Angmar and Eregion.

My only disappointment on the day was discovering (after running numerous anniversary events and many many Beer Fights) that the previous anniversary steeds for sale at the vendor require 70 Mithril, not 70 Anniversary Tokens as I’d thought when I first looked at them. DOH! No way I’m forking over the roughly $7.00 that much Mithril would cost just for a pretty mount. Since I already have this year’s mount and the goat, it looks like I’ll have a nice stash of tokens to start the 11th Anniversary next year. Ah well, at least running all those events allowed me to close out the Anniversary quests given by the hobbit at the Party Tree, resulting in a nice haul of Ithilien items to save in my bank for when I finally manage to get to the point where I can use them.


Logged in last night for a bit intending to do some Volume I Epic stuff, but in Bree on my way to the bank I noticed that the Festival quests for Lost Invitations and Gift Giving had reset, and I received a pop up notification that the Yearly Yield Expert level was now available…

…so I ended up spending over an hour running around doing Anniversary stuff again, even though I don’t really need any more tokens. I did nab the emote “/toast” (which is pretty funny) from the Lost Invitations envelopes. I’m also getting close to finishing the deeds for the Beer Fight, won a couple more times on expert last night. I received more Ithilien stuff for the Lovely Year turn-in as well, and the reward for the Yearly Yield Expert is TWO Ithilien items. I keep seeing those selling for decent amounts in the Trade channel, so I figure collecting some now when it’s easy enough and socking them away in the bank for when I can eventually use them is probably a good idea.

Also got my Champ runes identified. As I suspected, the default one was garbage, but the loot one was excellent. Two of the three bonuses were to skills I use all the time, and the third a little less regularly. I had some items to socket into it right away to improve it too, and running the Anniversary quests resulted in enough LI XP to level it twice fairly quickly, making those skill boosts even more impressive. Since I previously had nothing in my Class slot, that is a huge boost to my overall combat effectiveness.

Next time I swear I will return to the epic quests…right after I win a couple more Beer Fights…


Well I am 49, and almost ready to head into the long dark (and finally get back into those lovely Legendary weapons).
Had good luck on the AH randomly, snagging a 2nd age bow that I will be able to use soon enough. Next session will get me 50 and the start of the Book 2 to open Moria!

Also still getting distracted by those Festival quests, for the same reasons. Banking easy components for future crafting is such a temptation, even if it is still far away…


I’m 54 now. I went from just turning 52 to a third of the way through 54 in the past couple of weeks simply running the Volume 2 : Book I epic to get into Moria and by doing Anniversary events (which seem to give about 2.5K per pop, and that adds up quickly). I briefly considered turning XP off for the Anniversary events, but screw it, my equipment is mostly 50+ already and outleveling the stuff I still need to finish in Angmar, Evendim and Eregion just makes it go by that much quicker and easier. It’s so much nicer when trash mobs don’t aggro.

If you’re on Arkenstone we should get together, as I bet our quest logs look very similar at this point.


That would be awesome, as I am now in the long dark. I am on Arkenstone, but Europe time offset means I rarely see you. If I do I will message you and see if we can kill goblins together!


Got an email today:

Good news! After reviewing your dispute, A Train Entertainment (Masters) has decided to release their copyright claim on your YouTube video.
Video title: “The Lord of the Rings Online - 10 year anniversary events.”

Another win :-)

Hmm… haven’t played LOTRO for a few days now, I bet I am far behind on the questing. Wonder if I can pickup last weeks quest still, or if they are only available for a week? Should be year 4 or 5 this week ye?


I think you might have left your run a little late, as I think the festival is done… when I logged in today all the Bree quests were gone. I did not check the festival tree.


Yea, I misread it and thought it would last much longer. Oh well, guess all those unfinished quests failed then. What a waste. Guess I’ll login again next year if they are still running.


Yup, Anniversary Event ended May 8th. As of yesterday any unfinished quests tied to the Anniversary in your quest log were simply “poofed”. Good news is that they will all return next year (along with some new ones presumably) for the 11th Anniversary. Really good news is that it’s now far more likely there will actually be an 11th Anniversary thanks to the split from WB and Standing Stones Games license agreement for the IP accomplished late last year. =)

I cashed in a few of my Anniversary tokens Monday night before the event went away. Since I’d mistakenly thought I needed them to purchase previous year’s mounts (those cost mithril, not tokens) I had a crapton of them. Bought myself a Gold Dragon Kite because why the hell not…then bought a Silver Dragon Kite but put it up on the auction house instead of using it. The couple of other kites for sale there were asking 100 gold…which I found ridiculous for a 15 token item, so I listed at 75 gold thinking no way anyone would bite.

Logged in last night and…SOLD. Collected 72 gold after fees, which effectively DOUBLED the amount of gold my main character has saved up. Holy shit. I know it’s nothing compared to the Trade Channel stuff I see maxxed out level 105 characters tossing around…100gp for this, 500gp for that, 1.5K gp for some crazy thing…but to someone who spent 50+ levels working their way up to a 70gp bank account, doubling it overnight is nuts! Best part…on the odd chance it might actually sell I cashed in 30 more tokens for another Silver and another Gold kite…which I will put on the AH in the days to come. I feel like I won a Middle Earth lottery…


Yea, money is kinda inflated for some stuff, at least on my server (EverNight)…

One day I was given nearly 1000 gold in chat from someone doing a quiz, before that, the most money I had ever had around 300, with most of it coming from something I sold years ago. Not sure what I can use the money for though. Repair costs is pretty high though. Wish I could buy some more bags I guess :)