LOTRO to relaunch as free to play?


You’re not wrong about that.


My toons are only in the level 50-53 range. One of these days I should push ahead. I’m not sure if I should just boost one toon to avoid the grind, or suck it up.


I know I would.


Hmm… that 130 bundle.

  • Inventory
  • Teleport
  • Thingies

Looks good. Have had lifetime VIP since Release, but spent a fair bit on TP over the years for inventory stuff and stat points.

Funny that the cheapest version doesn’t get you the new race, but then again… do we really need another Elf race?

To really make the 130$ bundle worth it, it should include a 64-bit engine that doesn’t have the DAMN LAG/warping/rubberbanding everywhere you ride while using a the warsteed…


Haha! Now THAT really would be worth $130!


You shut your whore mouth. Of course we do. How is that even a question?


Here, have this: http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Race_of_Man

Was looking at purchasing the new expansion and found myself staring at this:

  1. Where is the ‘Login’ Button to see if you already have an account?
    (checking my Keepass, it turns out I have already registered twice on Digital River for LOTRO)

  2. Is this account email linked to the LOTRO account?

  3. Further down there’s a lot of details to fill in (name, email, address, phone etc…) - but you can pick Paypal as payment, surely you do not need to fill in all the details then, even though they’ve added little *'s to everything.

Hmm. Their “Pay Now” button says “Add to Cart”.




Link to read up on why race of Man is the best race to be in LOTRO :-)

There’s a beta page for High Elf, doesn’t show any of their racial stats yet so who knows what they’ll be.


My minstrel is a Man and I love him almost as much as my Elven archer.


I may or may not have three elven characters already.
(or 5 if you count the 2 multibox accounts).
And only 1 race of Man character.

Turns out your ‘Store’ account is located on “www.findmyorder.com” which apparently they can not link to until you’ve purchased something.

WTF? 162 USD? Pretty sure the store page says 129.


Guys, remember my SSG Support horror story (3 week wait times, 72 hours before they close a ticket). I would highly recommend AGAINST buying Mordor for the first couple of weeks. Let them work out all the store, redemption and in-game kinks, issue some patches, and push through the initial rush of buyers. Save yourself a lot of frustration.


Filed a dispute claim with Paypal, lets see if my lifetime account gets closed or not.


I haven’t played LotRO for quite some time now. After reading your post, I doubt I ever will again.


They really need to update/fix the client. The rubber banding and constant frame-rate killing hitching is really getting old.

I just recently treated myself to a fully loaded Alienware Aurora computer and the exact same problems are there as on my old frankenstein AMD A6 6800 and Geforce 970.

Enough of a annoyance/problem to never play again.


Question: I used to play on the stand alone client. If I install the client through Steam, can I simply use my regular login to play?


Yes, the client is the same on Steam and you log into with your regular game credentials. However under Turbine the in game purchased were tied to your Steam Wallet, and I had trouble with that so I stopped using the Steam version.

Not sure how it works with under Standing Stone though.


Great, thanks. As a lifetimer, I have oodles of points so don’t have to actually make in-game purchases.

Speaking of which, I just went to my account page, which showed:

My ten-year anniversary coming up!


Grats :) You should celebrate by spending some TP.

Think I have 15.000 turbine points on my account now. Wonder what to spend them on.


Because dwarves are already in the game? Who the hell plays a pansy elf! And the provided link does nothing to explain what makes Man better!