LOTRO to relaunch as free to play?


If I remember my time in Moria correctly, it did seem very easy. Don’t worry though…around level 85-ish the difficulty takes a sharp curve upwards (assuming you haven’t outlevelled the areas too badly, that is).


The Knights of the QT3 kinship is now on Arkenstone. That doesn’t mean much though, as most nights it’s just me and the crickets. There are a handful of other folks who come and go now and then, and I know we have other QT3 players on other servers still.


I’m getting back into it again on Arkenstone - in Mordor for the most part. Gotta level up!


While I have my computer back up and running, I have been distracted into Warframe and have not been playing anything further. I have no doubt I will be back: thanks for the comments on Minas Tirith DTG… seeing the world realized is exactly what keeps me coming back!


Hey guys, FYI, you can now purchase the Mordor soundtrack directly from the composer!


Also, if you missed it, they also released a 10th anniversary set as well, which is really good!


About $25 for both, FYI. :)


I’ll buy a few songs individually from this. I’ve always liked the Bombadil theme (bought it for my house), Party in the Shire, and the Rohan theme (all 3 of which they not-coincidentally included in that video) . The others are fine, but are standard background movie music that doesn’t really stand alone IMO. The little jig that plays in the Shire is nice too, which I liked before…

from early on, when I shut the background music off. I’ve done this in every game I’ve ever played. It’s distracting to me, and pulls me out of playing like I’m actually there . I don’t travel with an orchestra.

I keep sound effects and ambient sounds on, but I turn off background music. That’s just me.


I’m the opposite, give me ALL THE MUSICS.

Unless I’m recording/streaming, then that shit goes OFF.


YES, music is most definitely ON while playing LOTRO. Granted, I’ve only played in Eriador and Moria thus far, but the music in the game is every bit as important to the atmosphere as the locations and the plotlines. Even now, after 10 years, there are still moments when the music swells and I feel an excited rush, or a happy smile, or just a satisfied feeling of comfortable belonging in the world of Middle Earth. Few games have had as much impact on me with their music as LOTRO has.


So here’s me in Minas Tirith

Downside of this is DARKNESS. I get why it’s that way. But it drains on me.

Even at noon it’s dark. It’s worse than Angmar, and comparable to Moria. It’s been this way since central Gondor. It makes me appreciate, for the first time, an excuse to go back to Eriador for festivals.


Great shot, that looks amazing…


… and then there’s Mordor:

Which I’m enjoying. It’s way harder than I was prepared for, though.


I just read some Mordor reviews and found one with tons of fantastic screenshots. Spoiler stuff probably. They convinced me to download LOTRO again. :)


Bottom of page 2 & page 3 has more pictures.

It looks even worse than the Mordor I imagined reading the books 30 years ago, in a great way.


Gorgeous, can’t wait to get there.

And welcome back!


Anecdote incoming… I started a LOTRO game ages ago, I think I played a dwarf or hobbit… pretty early in the game there was a dwarf settlement or something where there must have been a dozen of dwarves hanging around very lazy…
They gave me some quests, and something clicked in my brain, wtf, why you lazy dwarves, do this stuff yourself and I stopped playing… are those little effers still hanging around and waiting for someone to come by and do their work ??


Ha! They are indeed.

When I was running around earlier this year “closing out” all the Eriador zones, finishing off quest lines and completing deeds, I would occasionally need to visit some pretty remote NPCs and areas to get certain things completed. It dawned on me that with very few actual new players coming into the game, and most existing players using the instant level-up items to make their newly created characters high level, there are places in the game that I was visiting that might not have seen an actual player character in months or even longer.

It made me feel bad for the NPCs. Do they get lonely? When we’re not around do they have conversations?

“Hey, Nildor, remember that Champion guy that came through here last month, the one that ran all our quests?”
“Yeah. I still have the Bracers of Might and the 23 broken short bows he sold me. What the hells am I supposed to do with 23 broken short bows? Why did I even buy these?”
“He was a good guy. I wonder what happened to him? What do you think he’s doing right now?”
“Probably got eaten by a dragon. Now shut up, here comes Florii, by Durin’s beard she’s a looker!”
“Give it up Nildor! It’s been 10 years and you’ve gotten nowhere with her, she’s just not into you!”



Get 85% off expansions (excepting Mordor) through Monday:

  • Helm’s Deep expansion for only $6.00
  • Riders of Rohan expansion for only $3.00
  • Rise of Isengard expansion for only $3.00
  • Mines of Moria expansion for only $3.00
  • Siege of Mirkwood expansion for only $1.50

Basically you can get all the pre-Mordor expansions plus 1000 LOTRO points (included in Helm’s Deep) for $16.50. That is a STEAL for anyone considering a return to Middle Earth.


A super steal OMG.


I may pick up a couple of these. I don’t have a character aBove 53, but rewatching the movies has made me want to get back into this.


I was going to pick up those expansions, but then I looked and saw I somehow already had them. From the giveaway thread in the past, maybe?


How can I tell what I already have without reinstalling?