LOTRO wants you back for a week

I’ve reupped my subscription and I notice that LOTRO is allowing ex-subscribers to jump back in for 5 days for free. It’d be cool to see some old faces running around the Ettenmoors again. Hell, I’d like to get Wilbur finally up to level 50 and maybe check out some of the extra content they added for high level characters.
I’m currently working up a level 15 burglar called Eafe, send me a tell if I’m online and I’d be happy to jump into an old-timer’s fellowship.
Ya hear me Jehu and Delia?

I would love nothing more to jump back into LOTRO. I’ve got my two mains perched at the edge of all sorts of new content I’ve never seen before. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time lately, and I’m not sure that’s going to ease up much over the next week. :(

Still, knowing that you might be around makes it awfully tempting. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard someone mangle the pronunciation of “warg”…


I’ve actually been considering jumping back in towards the end of May. For the next week and a half, however, I have far too much grown-up work that still needs to be finished before I can afford to allow myself to be drawn into a game with people I enjoy gaming with as much as you guys. I am also curious curious how the game will run and look in my brand-new MacBook Pro in Bootcamp.

One of my friends plays in our fellowship on his Macbook Pro in bootcamp. He says it runs well but he can’t quite crank things all the way up on Ultra-High without some stutter. Your MBP is a generation newer so maybe you can crank it to 11.

Waahg sounds cooler, admit it.

I’ve always wanted to try LOTRO…but I just shook the WoW addiction and I’m not sure if I’m ready for another one just yet.

The problem with recidivist weeks/weekends/whatever like this is that if I’m not playing an MMO, generally I uninstall it. And y’all know how long it takes to reinstall and fully patch an MMO, I’m sure.

For what it’s worth Hyduk, I just signed up for the 14 day free trial they have going on now, and it’s a blast, especially if you like the stories. Sure you still have to collect bear asses, but the quest text requesting the collection of said asses is very deep and fun to read.

I have a level 5 bard, and burgler on the Silversomethingsomething server so far, I’m really considering signing up for a month to see how fun it is once I get out of the noob farm.

I reinstalled and patched (3 hours!) last night for the free weekend. Boy, they’ve changed a lot in the past few months.

I mucked around a bit with my lvl 50 LoreMaster, but I couldn’t remember what quest lines I had been on, and where stuff was… and it just didn’t feel right. I’m gonna try again tonight I think, but I’m gonna start a new character. See if it’ll grab me again.

Hey Brian, welcome back. I got into LoTRO back in July thanks to your referral, and still play occasionally. I got a lifetime sub, so I don’t mind taking my time. My main is not even to level 20. I’m mostly on Landroval server now, but have a character still in KoQT3 on Nimrodel.

For me, LoTRO is comfortable place to play in between other games, and remains my MMO of choice.

I’m trying this out and I’m on the Nimrodel server. I’m only a level 9 Champion, but if you need some low level help, give me a tell! My name is Elisarah.

Working with my friend, we’ve both reached level 20 in 6 days. Is it my imagination, or has the experience from everything been made more generous? There’s a huge pile of quests that I didn’t touch or finish compared to my other alts.
At any given time we were working a quest chain, the last quest was always keyed light blue compared to our relative levels as though we advanced too quickly for it to remain challenging.
It’s still sucking me in though- there is still a distinct pleasure in initially arriving at the Lone Lands, getting a whole pile of quests that interlink with each other, roaming the hills like psychotic war-band on speed and whacking everything that moves until you get half a level’s worth of quests to turn in.

I think I’ll have to at least check it out then. I’m not too big on LOTR, but I wasn’t that big on WarCraft lore either.

Been playing it for the weekend. Got my Champion up to 13 and finished Book 1 chapters 1,2 and 3 and of course the prolog. I think this game is a winner and I’ve already paid my subscription to keep it going! Now I need to find some good internet sites with maps and such…

For just maps I liked http://www.thebrasse.com/lotro/ but I hardly played all that much.

Their 5-day free offer must have had a bunch of takers – last night I had to wait to get on my server (Landroval). The wait was not very long, maybe five minutes. But in nine months of occasional play, I have never before had to wait to get in.

I think a fair number of folks came back for a look see. I’m up to almost 15 and loving it!