Lovable Eurojank

How am I the first to mention Jo Wood directly. Spellforce, the Guild, and many more besides.

For something a bit more modern, I also enjoyed some Spiders RPGs, specifically the already mentioned Mars: War Logs.

Nice picks! I played The Guild quite a bit. Really interesting game. Mars: War Logs was really enjoyable; I actually bought Technomancer recently but it’s still waiting to be played. I also bought Greedfall on release but it didn’t quite work for me, not really sure why. Maybe I’ll try it again some day.

That’s pretty fair, I’d say. Divinity 2 was definitely Eurojank, and so was Witcher 1, all things considered. And yeah, Gothic 1 definitely qualifies. The control scheme! I still have nightmares. :)

Xenus 2 is a sequel to Boiling Point IIRC. It’s definitely the same devs.

I’m debating about whether to put Eador: Genesis in this category. The game is so good, but there’s a touch of “Difficulty Level: Russian” in it (though it’s not too bad if I can play it reasonably). The main reason I would argue against it being Eurojank is that the graphics and UI are not janky as much as just indie: it doesn’t feel bad so much as minimal.

Now, the “sequel”, Eador: Masters of a Broken World I think pretty firmly qualifies; it’s essentially the same game with the difficulty (and length) turned down (it allows save scumming, for example) and a quite janky 3D engine.

Let’s call it like it is, and get controversial.

ARMA and DCS. Both janky as hell, even to this day, after decade+ of development.