Love, an indie MMO

Love is an upcoming MMO created by one guy, Eskil Steenberg. There has been some great coverage of the game on RPS, in case it slipped under your radar. It’s quite visually distinctive with its use of beautiful procedurally-generated graphics. It’s a combat-oriented MMO, and it seems to have some really cool interrelated systems that should make for very interesting gameplay. There’s a video where he explains a little how it works.

I just thought I’d create a thread ahead of the beta, which is supposed to be starting soon. You can download an alpha client that lets you see what the game will look like, but is not much use otherwise yet.

Eskil is great. I could listen to that guy talk for hours :)

Been loosely following Love for a long time, and I’m interested to finally get my hands on it.

Concept is interesting, reminds me of the experimental mmos you’d find in the late 90’s. I watched the video, and downloaded the login screen and I had my worst fears reinforced: INDIE FILTER ENABLED YOUR SCREEN LOOKS LIKE IT’S CRAWLING WITH BUGS. If you can turn that shit off, count me in.

The “open” alpha is now up and running. He’s charging 3 euro for access, which includes a month of game time. This indie model of charging for barely any gameplay (or ample, but broken gameplay) but promising more later is … working on me, that’s for sure. To date I purchased access to GSB, Elemental, Capt. Forever and now this. Of course it helps that the price is right and the product is fascinating.

I spent some time exploring the world and the tools. I managed to make a cable-ride sort of deal, and strung a line of 6 or so power relays towards our settlement before the AI decided enough is enough and sicc’ed 10 or so heavy grunts on the few players dicking around.

Oh yeah, and someone set us up the bomb in our base. Most vexing.

Looking forward to playing more as more people get off work and onto the server.

Oh boy a whole month of play! I bet it’ll be out of pre-pre-alpha by then!

Why in the name of all that is holy did he call this game “LOVE”? Is he trying to get people to not try it?

All you need is love.

I sort of get the sense that he doesn’t care if people try it.

Well, it’s a game in which you set up all sorts of mechanical contrivances in an elaborate, inventive chain of well-defined rules to effect bloody victory over anonymous, relentless forces.

He probably thought it was ironic.

It’s pretty awesome.

It’s incredibly hard to tell what you’re looking at with the super blurry graphic style.

I suspect he may have been trying to stop people like you trying it.


It isn’t for you.

You’re probably right. I’m pretty busy these days, so I just don’t have–

I don’t really mind it, but I hope the AI also has a limited sight distance. I understand that the point is that you should have to build solid defences that do a large part of the work for you, but combat should be a viable option at least. Plus, there’s the offence part as well, although with how tenacious the AI has been in undermining (literally, they couldn’t get to the plateau our fort was in so they started digging in from the ground upwards) our fort I suspect I won’t see that part for a while yet.

The game kinda reminds me of Dwarf Fortress, played from the dwarf perspective. You have no control over any dwarves, some of them are insane, and the basic and clearly obvious things you need to build your fort (power, access, ramps and rooms) go undone :D

I understood the overall gameplay, but how I’m supposed to figure out who’s enemy and firiend? Or AI from player? Or if a settlement is AI or not? Hostile or not?

In your case, HRose, I’d just assume everyone is hostile towards you.


Looks pretty cool from the upper vid, and the game reminds me a lot of Wurm Online, which was great until I got to the horrid grind that was required to do any combat… or actually anything.(I got digging to like 40 though- superfun to terraform)

The price seems right, I consider this a must buy for after it gets out of its horrid interface alpha.

I would also like to know- how exactly does combat go down? is it pure FPS style with hit points visible and a good amount of guns to work with?

No. It really is pretty abstract. Enemies are smudges that look slightly different to player smudges, and guns are all fairly rudimentary effects. It is not an FPS shooter.

I signed up, and it really is quite beautiful. But very abstract-looking and indistinct, and so it may cause a bit of disorientation initially.