Love, an indie MMO

You do not make Love if you want a Battlefield.

I saw it on Co-Op. Very interesting.

I honestly don’t have time enough, even if I could find the few Euros between my sofa cushions.

So far the game looks neat, but I’m completely lost and confused. There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot to do. It’s hard to find other players, and it’s hard to coordinate or cooperate on anything. I know it’s still an alpha, so I’m sure a lot of this is being worked on. Feels kinda weird to have to pay at this point in time, though.

Hmm still seems interesting, and for the price it still seems it would be worth a try once it gets out of beta.

It’s not into beta yet :)

so now I play the waiting game.

The game will not cost €3, that’s just if you want to play the alpha.

So. Anybody playing this? I have, to my great glee, discovered that the tech engine thingy works on my mac, so technically I should be able to play the fully thing. Any reports as to what it’s like?

haha - best picture I’ve seen in a while.

Ah, right. I see.

I wrote up some impressions here. Short version: didn’t dig it. But even though I think ten eurobux is high for this, the payment scheme is pretty friendly. The client is free and your month’s payment is non-recurring, so when you get sick of the game and stop playing it then you don’t have to take any extra steps to cancel.

“Love, An Indie MMO” would be the proper way for An Indie MMO to sign its letters and correspondence to family and friends, too.

I’ll probably try 30 days of this at some point, but I’m a bit too busy to right now.

It’s certainly an interesting concept. I just wish it was more of a player vs player deal not a players vs environment deal.

tons and tons of PVP out there, why should everything be about pvp?

Because NPC behavior is predictable and unchanging after you’ve adjusted to most games. The concept for this game is interesting enough and developed well enough to merit a potentially successful PvP game.

It’s been revamped, and RPS have posted an interview and re-look.

There’s a new price, and loads of new features. I didn’t get this when it came out (though I’ve always been spellbound by the visual style) and I might put some money on the table. Even if it’s appalling, €10 for 180 days will be cool to just admire the scenery.

Here’s the rub, though. The ‘test’ runs on my mac, but I don’t know if the game will.

Does anyone have some time left on their account and aren’t playing? I’d use it literally once, and if it worked, I’d buy it myself.

If you’ve downloaded the client and the main menu screen is running fine and resembles the screenshots and at a reasonable frame rate I think you’re good to go. I’ve forgotten my guest account login but I’m sure if you login to the official teamspeak somebody will lend you theirs.

On that note I wish Eskil would make a web based account management site so that incompetent people like me can recover passwords and such. Plus entering a gametime code manually instead of copying and pasting is a pain.