Love & Anarchy on Netflix

Apparently this has been out for a couple of years, but I only just noticed it and started watching. It’s a Swedish comedy about a consultant named Sofie who starts to take on “challenges” put forward by a younger IT guy named Max, with the apparent rule that no one can ever know what the deal is with the challenges, or that she’s even doing them. And Sofie starts reciprocating by giving Max some challenges of her own. I just laughed out loud during a bit where one morning Max notices that Sofie is wearing high heels, and he orders her to walk backwards for the rest of the day. I don’t think I’ve ever watched a Swedish comedy before and for some reason this has its hooks in me. (Coincidentally, this is featured in the S1 trailer that I’m linking, which I hadn’t seen before starting the show.)

I haven’t researched the show at all and as far as I can tell so far just from watching, the intention is apparently to inject a kind of chaos element into various character dynamics and plots/subplots, as these challenges seem to have a transformative effect on everything. I think it’s a fascinating idea, especially as I’ve begun to observe some of the downstream effects. And the comedy is pretty well done, imo.

Yeah, I watched the first season when it originally came out and popped up on netflix. Quite entertaining! Didn’t expect a second season though, not too sure the premise will hold up for another go round, but will give it a shot!

Nice, it’s reassuring to know that this didn’t just hit me at the right moment, or whatever. I’m nearly don’t with it and am down for S2.

Btw, the challenge gimmick I mentioned above is a very important part of the show, but now that I’m nearly done with the season I can say that it isn’t distracting or overdone, or even central to most of the plot, in case that might worry anyone. Also, while this is part comedy, it’s equal parts drama. Maybe even more drama than comedy. The character chemistries and relationships are fairly well done.