Hey, anybody else love this show? I’ve got a love/hate thing with it, in that I LOVE Adam Carolla on it, but HATE him everywhere else.

Anyway, the Loveline Archive just came back online. It allows you to download most episodes since 2001 and check out all the insanity. Great stuff, and completely hilarious.

Ah very cool.

His morning show has finally found a groove, now that they shed the terrible producer of the first year (I did like Dave Dameshek and am pleased I can find his sports-talk show on podcasts) and ended the utter disaster of the Bonaduce era, but Loveline is easily his funniest stuff.

EDIT: The site looks a bit homemade, can’t imagine it will be too long before someone forces him to take this stuff down.

I still wish I had saved a bunch of Phil Hendrie stuff from back in the day.

I used to love it back when it was on KROQ and featured Jim “Poorman” Trenton and Dr. Drew. This was mid-80s/early-90s. The Replacements were guests once, and as usual showed up drunk and ended up being banned by the station.

And Mr. T gave the best advice ever. Seriously.

Somebody else who unexpectedly gives good advice is Dee Snyder.

THATS where poorman came from? I only knew of him from the retarded POORMANSBIKINIBEEEACHPOOORMANSBIKINIBEAAACH! thing.

Same here. I stopped listening to it though because it made me depressed listening at how EVERYONE else was getting laid except for me ;[

I used to listen to this all the time in the mid to late nineties. I was poor then and didn’t own a TV. Thanks for the pointer!