Lovelock interview: We're doomed and carbon trading is a scam

Truth, and something I’ve been saying for decades. The best example was arguing with some friends about the Y2K aftermath. Early January 2000, some of them were saying “Wow, I can’t believe all the time, money, and effort America wasted on those stupid code changes. Nothing happened!” Predictably, my counter that nothing happened precisely because we “wasted” all that time, money, and effort went nowhere.

I think StGabe just called China and India 3rd World nations.

Good grief St.Gabe.

“I get to be blissfully optimistic?” As opposed to what? I walk around with ashes on my head wearing sackcloth? I have faith in our ability to analyze the data and develop solutions to it. Far from “anti-science”, my attitude comes from living in the science world the majority of my life and confidence in the community to develop effective solutions, if we can strip away the politics and stick to the data.