'Lovely Bones' casting

Peter Jackson’s next movie, The Lovely Bones, has begun casting:


I love that book, and anyone who’s seen Jackson’s Heavenly Creatures knows he’s the right person for the job.

Anyone got any casting ideas for the rest of the family, or Mr. Harvey? My wife reckons Bob Hoskins for Mr. Harvey, but I think that’s just residual trauma from Felicia’s Journey :p

i haven’t read the book, but seeing Heavenly Creatures and Dead Alive in one weekend made me think Jackson can do anything he wants. Fly, see through walls, read minds, smell colors…

I liked the book, but have a hard time seeing it as a movie. At least as a movie that’s true to the book.

Are you Peter Jackson?

I’m gonna go with Patrick Wilson for the dad, a.k.a. The Prom King from the phenomenal Little Children.

It’s a cool concept for a movie but I too wonder how true it’ll stay during the opening part.

We just watched Little Children the other night, and I have to concur. Great movie and casting Wilson would be a wise choice.

Was Little Children the movie where the dude couldn’t decide if he wanted to sleep with Jennifer Connelly or Kate Winslet? HI MR. FICTIONAL CHARACTER CAN I HAVE YOUR PROBLEMS PLEASE? KTHXBYE

And the phenomenal Hard Candy, one of my favourite movies!

Yeah, that’s a good choice. Any thoughts on Mr. Harvey?

Rachel Weisz is going to be in this? Well, I’m there for that at the very least. If she weren’t such a phenomenal actor, I’d be there for the general hotness.

Hard Candy is great, although that “one scene” is really, really rough to watch. You know what I’m talking about.

As for Mr. Harvey, considering that this is a Peter Jackson movie, I think Andy Serkis is almost certainly gonna get the part.

Have you read the book? If I remember correctly, 90% of it is the dead girl thinking to herself. Just seems like a hard movie to make unless you really change it.

Yes, and I’m not Peter jackson.

But if I were, I’ll take that story, turn her thoughts into a voice over narration and play out scenes as she sees them, maybe with some minimalistic sound design, and more visual structure. Intercut that with the detective bit concerning Lindsey and Harvey. Or do anything else based on my skills as a film director and understanding of the visual language of film to tell a story that sticks close to the spirit, themes and characters of the book, if not a blow by blow recount of all the plot points in the novel. But I’m not a talented film director.

I love the couch, but hate the pillow.

Blame my mother in law for the patterns, but I love the whole set because it was free.

Stanley Tucci as Mr. Harvey - Wow! That’s a terrific and surprising choice.
Susan Sarandon - Susie’s Grandmother.
Saoirse Ronan - Susie
Ryan Gosling - Susie’s Dad
Rachel Weisz - Susie’s Mum

Production begins this fall and the pic will probably be ready for release by fall of 2008.

I’m not sure about Gosling, who seems like a bit of a lightweight, and Weisz, who, to me, always feels like a theatre actor, pitched a notch too high for the camera, but I love Stanley Tucci and Susan Sarandon. Breath is definitely bated.

You haven’t seen Half-Nelson, have you?

Gosling’s out, and Mark Wahlberg is in as Dad.

I like that choice much better.


I mean, really?

I like Wahlberg and all, but to say that Gosling seems a bit of a lightweight and then to be totally cool with Wahlberg… those two things just don’t mesh in my brain.