Low-calorie but high-filling snacks?

Pretty much, I’m finding that I eat quite a number of calories a day in snacks, despite trying my best to limit myself. I don’t like going hungry and I don’t like going to bed hungry, so I find myself eating a couple of yoghurts, or a sandwich, or somesuch.

This is not conducive to losing weight.

So I’m asking for tips on snacks/easy-to-make foods that are filling but low in calories.

Anything featuring a lot of fiber. Preferably soluble fiber. Soluble fiber turns into a thick slurry in your stomach that basically tells you that you don’t want food for a while. Oatmeal for breakfast, for example, is a good way to put off hunger before lunch.

Popcorn. Don’t add salt or any sort of oil/butter/spread.


I eat carrot sticks and raw sugar snap peas.

Carrots or apples and peanut butter.
Cucumbers + ripe tomatoes + feta.
A slice of high fiber bread, toasted, with peanut butter and peach slices.

Radishes. Whole. If necessary, dip in kosher salt, or, if you’re crazy like me, bacon salt.

Sure it is, as long as you’re not eating too much. It’s good for your metabolism and preserving muscle. A light yogurt (one of those individual cup sizes) is a good choice - that’s only about 90 calories (0 fat). Sandwich with whole wheat bread, chicken/turkey and a small amount light miracle whip.

Clementines are great. About 30 cals each, no fat. 3 or so are quite filling. Beef jerky, cottage cheese (particularly good at night since it has slow release protein), grapes, bananas, whey protein shake (skim milk + banana)…

Basically fruits and vegetables.

You eat them raw!? I have never heard of such a thing. What are you, some kinda sadomasochist? Are you going to suggest he snacks on raw onions next?

Sand. Also, celery, which is wet sand mixed with cellulose.


You can cook radishes?! I’ve never had them anything BUT raw.

Broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, carrots.


Carbs before bed is a big no-no if your goal is weight loss. I hamstring myself regularly by eating cereal on a late night hunger binge. It’s so f-ing good.

Yogurt is a great food but high carb. Try fat free cottage cheese instead for less carb before bed, or eggs? You could get crazy and wrap deli slices in lettuce or spinach for a weird little burrito. That actually sounds kind of delicious and I’m gonna try that…

I normally eat them raw, but actually made a dish the other night that used leeks and radishes. Sauteeing them takes the peppery bite out of them, and they almost become potato-like.

I suppose it might be a primarily French preparation, but it really is the only way to eat them.

My wife loves them. You can either slice them thinly, or just sprinkle salt and bite the whole thing like a hard boiled egg. The salt cuts the spiciness of the radish, and the texture is crisp. It’s really very refreshing.

How about jelly that doesn’t have HFCS? Cause then I could eat … cottage cheese and jelly. Which is not only delicious, but also grosses out my girlfriend, so a plus on both levels.

Fresh, plump radishes from the farmer’s market are a summertime treat like no other. 99% of the time I eat them raw, but occasionally you can find a way to integrate them into a cooked dish. I made something once that was a snow pea and radish mix sauteed and drizzled with some soy sauce that was quite good.