Low Magic Age - ToME-like visuals in a D&D wrapper!

Fair enough, but I’m not going to play it until it’s done, so I’ll wait to buy it until it’s done. It’s up to them to make sure that when it’s ready, it’ll be enticing enough to get whatever they end up deciding to charge for the real game. I don’t buy demos.

At least they put the “Early Access” label back on the game. Weird how it fell off.

It’s about as deep as an OGL d20 system from the 3.5 days. I would say not as deep as TOEE, but it’s close. Charging, delaying, 5-foot steps are all in the engine.

I didn’t get far enough to see a lot of variety in the monsters, so I don’t know if the mid level battles use more magic. It takes a while to even get your thief skills. :-)

The ninth grader in me searches for a funny line but thankfully I’m so much more mature than that.

I had the same thing happen. That symbol means he has unassigned skills. On the screen with the skills button, click it and then you will see ‘+’ icons next to all the skills you can assign points to. Click to add them.

So what’s the verdict on this? I suppose for 5 bucks I may as well give it a go but the thief skills thing does have me a bit worried that this game might just trigger my inner game designer and be like “WHY WOULD YOU PUT IN SKILL CHECKS BEFORE YOU CAN POSSIBLY LEARN THE SKILLS?!?!”. My inner game designer is really annoying, turns out.

Exactly this.

If you enjoy older school D&D and don’t mind some EA issues it’s plenty of fun to create your party and set off across the land. It’s deep enough for me play for an hour or two at a sitting but still has room to grow especially in terms of ui and questing.

Isn’t this partly a function of how nonlinear a game is?

I guess I don’t understand what the thought process of gating lockpicking behind anything is. I don’t recall any D&D I ever played where I had to actually learn how to open locks any more than I remember my wizard having to go on a quest to learn his first level 1 spell.

Just seems like strange decision making. I don’t know what the upside is supposed to be.

If your asking me, yes the questing issues are from being A rogue like and still being EA. Even once they have the game completed I’m assuming you will have a world to campaign in with quests tied only tenuously together. You’ll have to make your own story. Which is fine by me with something like this.

Edit: the lockpocking issue is something I hope they correct. Like you said, it makes no sense and only frustrates you. Blech.

You mean specifically for rogues? Is that the context, that a rogue should already be able to pick locks?

Is it just me or are archers not very useful? Everyone pulls their weight in my party except for my elven archer and my rogue. The rogue at least opens chests so he gets a pass. The archer though, meh. Maybe they get better later on? He’s only level 3. If not, I’m thinking about swapping him out for another melee type if the game allows that.

I have 2 magic users armed with crossbows that use Int for attack rolls. But they still miss a lot. I don’t know what else to do with them while they wait for their cool downs to lift. If you try and use them as bait, things can go bad very quickly. The spells are really good though at least at low level: Grease, Sleep especially.

I have the same type of crossbows for my two casters as well. They outperform my archer and rogue with them. I have a summoner who’s been worth his weight in gold early on because he could cast summon elemental from level 1. That was enough to make the very early fights easy.

My other caster is an elementalist who didn’t provide much help until he got sleep at level 3. That really helps on many fights. Just not against ants though. Ants never sleep.

If I recall archers don’t come into their own until they specialise, focus and sending volleys of arrows each round.

I poled around a little bit in this game and it seems pretty good. I finished the first couple into quests and explored a dungeon. Since I have a bunch of non-early access games to play I’ll hold off on this for now, but it seems like it’ll be fun.

It looks they added multi class just recently. I need to check it out. Been Bannerlording.

There is a lot to like here, but it could use a little more variety to relieve the grind a little after you have played quite a while. I got my party up to level 7 in adventure mode, but it got a little slow at that point doing the same things. I still needed to get into the crafting system more and have collected tons of special items for that, but even at level 7 I am not even close to thinking about attempting the higher end magic items as the DC checks are so high. I have the same complaint about the dungeons where the DC checks are quite high. I may be missing something, but I can’t seem to get my thief to improve skill in the open locks or detect/disarm skills. It seems to only be based on Dex? Stat gains are pretty slow and limited so far. I may be missing something there, though.

Steam says I have over 70 hours in it and it was my go to when I was sick for 2 weeks, so it lasted quite a while with what they have so far. I like a lot of what they are doing, but maybe just needs a bit more options in the quest department and some more balancing.

I agree 100%. My party is about at the same level as yours and it is becoming a bit tedious. Also, the constant traps in dungeons are really becoming a repetitive PITA. It’s the same thing over and over again and I fail to see how it adds anything fun or compelling to the game play.

I think they need to add more content and variety. The game is not ready for prime time. The opening part of the game is pretty fun but after that it begins to drag and get grindy.

This is currently $6 on GOG, for those of you waiting for a price drop and/or put off by DRM.