LTE for the UK - it's coming sometime and maybe

So, the UK’s first proper 4G network, Everything Everywhere have announced their price plans. And they’re bullshit. No unlimited data at all. Entry level data plan is 500MB (!) which is going to burn a lot of naive customers, especially since they’re doing an introductory free film download offer. The closest to unlimited for consumers, an 8GB cap, costs £56 a month. Or 5GB for £36 for SIM-only.

By way of comparison for those not familiar with UK pricing, Three’s truly unlimited 3G data plan starts at £18, or £25 for a tethering-inclusive plan.

I got in at the wire to keep my Unlimited plan while upgrading to 4G on Verizon and I have been making a specific point to use as much data as is possible ever since. I mean, I realize that’s precisely the sort of thing they use to claim that data restrictions are necessary, but at a certain point, I just enjoy a little “fuck the man!” attitude in my life :)

That’s not even an option with EE (which is a joint venture between T-Mobile and Orange). The only grandfathering of existing customers, as I understand it, is that if you have a 4G-ready phone already you can get a lower SIM-only rate, or if you have a top-of-the-line 3G phone you can upgrade it for “only” £100.

looks at the prices

Yea, I’ll keep my smartphone wifi only.

Why do you (!)? That’s what my plan is, here in Canada.

Because considering the whole point of LTE is fast data, 500MB is laughably small. You’d exceed it just taking advantage of the free stuff you’re supposed to get by signing up to the plan, which seems very dodgy indeed. And it’s twice as expensive as unlimited data plans on 3G networks.

Basically they’ve constructed an expensive price plan that only makes any sense for people who do tons of calling and texting, but no internet stuff. Precisely the sort of people who aren’t going to get any practical use out of a limited LTE network over a more or less total 3G network.

I’m sorry but if there is an unlimited 3G data plan for 18£ there is no reason for complaining :)

All carriers in Portugal are offering 4G for a few months, but it’s very limited and they are focusing for now as Internet service were you buy a USB pen for your PC, very limited offer of smart phones. As far as I cant tell, because they don’t make very clear, 4G for smartphone is just as 3G if your phone can get it and it is on a 4G area it will use it no separate plan is needed, but the plans are all ready very limited for 30€ you get 1GB of traffic that means with 4G is only getting used faster.

I’m sorry but if there is an unlimited 3G data plan for 18£ there is no reason for complaining :)

I’m not complaining, really. I’m happy to stay on 3G until prices for LTE come down after the auction. I’m just saying it’s a stupid price plan. And I suspect a lot of non-tech savvy consumers are going to get burned.